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Ween I Don't Want It Lyrics

Last updated: 06/15/2010 11:00:00 AM

Did we miss the moon?
I'd lie in your arms if I could
Such a common pain
Repeats itself again and again

Flowers grow in the springtime and leaves fall from the trees
I've been GONE for so long, you just threw away the keys
I understand it, but I don't want it

I know it so well, you tripped me and I laughed when you fell
This isn't how it should be
I've let you drift so far, from me

But please hold onto the memories
Before we really crash and burn
We've got ourselves so wrapped up that we've forgotten how to learn
I understand it, but I don't want it

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Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/10

If anyone else wrote this song, I'd mock it. But something in weens execution makes it sincere. Mickey's solo made it go out strong. I like the more mature main stream ween sound. they've earned it after twenty years. To anyone who thinks they sold out, all that changed was the guitar effects. Go right back to birthday boy, they always wrote songs like this. It brilliant, as is Quebec as a whole.

I Want 'I Don't Want It' | Reviewer: kpeener | 1/24/08

I know that hard-core Weeners probably hate this song, but I live for that guitar solo at the end. I just wish the d*** thing was longer and louder. I love the whole Quebec album; why does it seem to get overlooked?

beauty | Reviewer: heyy | 6/12/07

The Song Is So Good, It's Such A Good Song To Like sing At A School Talent Show. And It Is A Good Slow-Dance Song. And It's Just Plain Beautiful. I Love This Song, It's Full Of Simplicity But Inner Messages.

It's Beauty Within Words!!! :) Actually, It is Beauty Altogether!!! :)


Gotta love the guitar solo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/05

While I love this song first for its fantastic sound and qualtiy Ween lyrics, this one really does it for me with the phenomenal shrieking guitar solo at the end. Makes me feel just like I'm back at the 8th grade dance. :)