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I Don't Wanna


I don't wanna be
(be without you, be without you)
I don't wanna live
(live without you, live without yo)
I dont wanna go
(go without you, go without you)
I don't wanna (be alone)

When we hooked up
We sat down
Made an agreement
We vowed that
That we'd always be together
Through whatever
We said that no one ever
Get between us
So love will never ever leave us
that was a while ago,oh
But now lately
It feels like
I mean I feel like
All we do is fight
Every single night
Can't make it tight
Can't get it right
I just wanna go back
Take it way back
All the way back
Can we start again?
Do it over?
Can we straighten' it out?
Can we work it out? cuz

Chorus 2x:
I don't wanna be
(be without you, be without you)
I don't wanna live
(live without you, live without you)
I dont wanna go
(go without you, go without you)
See sugar I dont wanna
I don't wanna (be alone)

Verse 2:
Do you realize
I can't sleep without you
Think without you
Eat without you
Speak without you
Be without you,I can't even breathe without you
I can't (feel without you), deal without you
(Spend without you)
My whole world is upside down
Don't wanna go out
Cause I can't ride without you
Feel like i'm goin' die without you
What is a girl supposed to do?
When I spend my last time to be in your life
I don't wanna be without you

I Dont Wanna Be
(be without you, be without you)
Said I cant live
(live without you, live without you)
I cant go
(go without you, go without you)
Said I dont wanna be alone
Said I cant be
(be without you, be without you)
Said I cant live
(live without you, live without you)
I dont wanna go
(go without you, go without you)
Said I dont wanna (be alone)

How can this be?
That it's not working out
(That it's not working out)
we vowed
(to be--always together)
It's hurting me
(hurting me)
That we don't talk no more
(It wasn't supposed to be this way
Where did we go wrong?
We both made mistakes
We gotta carry on)

I don't wanna be
(be without you, be without you)
I don't wanna live
(live without you, live without you)
I dont wanna go
(go without you, go without you)
I dont wanna (be alone)

Don't wanna be

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i miss my ex gf. | Reviewer: why | 10/11/12

fucked up so many times. heard this song and all i want is to be with her. I changed so much but she cant realize it was in the past when she took me back i was different fuck :( i miss her

0404<3 | Reviewer: Jae <3's Jay | 10/16/11

I Love This Sonq . Wat Makes Me Love It More Then I Already Did Is The Fact That I Broke Up With My Man Because Of His Family &'dd When We Were Arquin Thru Txt'nn This Sonq Came On &&'dd I Damx Near Cried . I Left Him But I Know He Truly Not Goin Anywea &&'dd We Just Need To Talk &&'dd Work It All Out Because We Love &&'dd Need Each Other . Take It From Me Don't Let Other People Ruin Your Relationship If You Love Them Your Not Datinq Them Your Datinq Him/Her

An true angle | Reviewer: talyah | 9/30/11

AAliyah cuz i miss u so much and i know wat u feelin in dis song me and my boo went our sapered ways to i miss u so very much would u do me a fav and give my godfather a hug for me and teil god i love him :'(

Mhmm... | Reviewer: Jessica | 3/24/10

That song "ROCK BOTTOM" by Pleasure P. ft. Lil Wayne is like based off of Aaliyah's "I DON'T WANNA"....Lil Wayne says Aaliyah's EXACT words....Mhmm ya learn sumn new everyday!
I luv both of the songs!

Missin a true R&B angel | Reviewer: lil mimi | 10/5/09

i love dis song i dont wanna be without my baby eventhough we been going thru it i love him so much. thank u aaliyah for all your songz we miss u & u will neva be forgotten. R.I.P 2 my kuz tyrone, my best frend jessica & everyone else I love yall

ILoveYouJIMMY ! | Reviewer: -*&- ShawnaeCaprice | 7/17/09

ILove This Song I Deicate This Song To My Babe Jimmy I Love Him So Much ! All The Words Aaliyah is Saying I Dont Wanna either ! -*&^ I Miss You Aaliyah You Will Be Missed ! i Will Never Forget Chu (: Your Getting Taken Care Of k.

rip page mcgill | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/09

this song remind me of my baby sis i miss her these r the things i feel now that she is gone i cant do ay thing i love u page rip baby sis i dont wanna be alone ........most peps feel that its about their lover but for me its all my baby sis damn i miss u thanks aaliyah 4 makin this song

good song | Reviewer: jade | 1/1/09

this song isn't about breaking up. its about getting to that point in a relationship where you are bickering all the time and things are getting colder and then trying to fix it and get things back to where they were in the beginning

an angel truly missed | Reviewer: kiki | 11/22/08

I know what it feel like to break up with someone in still be in love with that pesron I broke up with my boyfriend anthony and i cant think straight. ant i wasyo gurl i did every thing for you if you read this i still luv you. aaliyah you were truly a gift from god your words stay with us.

i luv u melvin *R.I.P Aaliyah ure truly missed* | Reviewer: nuk | 5/30/08

I luv u melvin and i want him bak but we jus takin things slow as friends we shouldnt have broken up i miss him even doe we talk everyday i really love dis boy we both made mistakes i cant leave him alone * i luv u melvin always and 4eva but not 2getha*

i love thiz song | Reviewer: willonda | 4/3/08

man first of all aaliyah u iz a angel and your truly missed...i love diz song 2 death me and mah boyfriend broke up about a month ago i truly love him and i didnt want 2 brake up with him i juzt wanted him 2 c how he waz treatin me waz wrong i miss him alot i sent thiz song 2 hiz page i hope he can understand that it waznt supposed 2 be thiz way

In LOVE!! | Reviewer: **LIZ** | 3/11/08

I can't explain the warm feeling I get inside when I listen to this song, I always tell myself that's exactly how I feel for my bf. We've been together for over 5yrs and its just a fight everynight, sometimes it feels like we hate eachother more than love eachother! But I know in the end it'll all be worth it because I really can't see myself without him, I've realized what aaliyah was feeling when she wrote this song.....


I Miss My Boyfriend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/08

I love this song and it just brings back old memories. I haven't heard from my boyfriend in 4 months today so this song is expressing every emotion I feel right now. I love my boyfriend to death and maybe one day we can get in touch again.
Aaliyah is STILL my favorite artist even though she is gone. I can listen to her CD all day.
R.I.P Aaliyah
I Miss ya girl.

R.i.P. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/07

damn yo aaliyah you will truly be missed.. i can relate to this song sooo much i miss my ex sooo bad and now he got a new girlfriend.. but we still talking and iunno this is just blowing me this is the only song i be listening to all day!!

last cry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/07

i love this song so much me and my x broke up over a year ago and everytime i think about him i have to sing this some and then one day i called him and he was so touched that we started back talking now we have been going out for 4 years not including the first

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