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Aloha I Don't Know What Else To Do Lyrics

Last updated: 04/27/2007 11:00:00 AM

I’m watching the sky fill up
Losing the signal
You lose a lot of things to distance and time,
but some things are always mine
Some things are always mine

We belong here
It’s clear as the lake we’re pulled from
I’ve been walking around with your memory
because I don’t know what else to do lately
I don’t know what else to do lately
I heard the towns, come crackling by to an endless night

I’m watching the sky retreat
Cleveland is fading, so many miles to beat
I can relate to the gatekeepers in space
But some of them will always hate
Some of them will seal your fate

We belong here
As clear as the lake we’re pulled from
I was walking away from your memory,
but I don’t know where else to go lately
Oh, I don’t know which way to go lately
I’m looking for something to show me
I heard a voice go streaming by in a language I can’t even try to decode a line

I look to the crowded sky
I’m trying to return the sky
Pull down, pull down, pull down

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