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Last time I saw you, you were on stage
Your hair was wild, your eyes were bright
And you were in a rage
You were swinging your guitar around
Cuz they wanted to hear that sound
But you didn't want to play
And I don't blame you

I don't blame you

Been around the world, in many situations
Been inside many heads in different positions
But you never wanted them that way
What a cruel price you thought that you had to pay
Them back for all that shit on stage
But it never made sense to them anyway
Could you imagine when they turned their backs
They were only scratching their heads
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Cuz you simply deserve the best
And I don't blame you

I don't blame you

They said you were the best
But then they were only kids
Then you would recall the deadly houses you grew up in
Just because they knew your name
Doesn't mean they know from where you came
What a sad trick you thought that you had to play
But I don't blame you

They never owned it
And you never owed it to them anyway

I don't blame you

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TO: suicide of my daughter | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/13

I think the reason your daughter was playing the song over and over is because she felt that it applied to her, to her life. After reading your post I went back and read through the lyrics as I listened to the song over and over myself, and the more I did the more I could see how the song could apply to anyone. I think your daughter was really insightful and a sensitive soul. I am really sorry for your loss, and for what the world missed out on.

For me it's about Bob | Reviewer: eli | 5/26/13

Probably I'm wrong, but I've always thought this song talks about Bob Dylan, because he's a complex person, who's not always a coherent person. I think when Chan says "I dont blame you" means "I understand you're not always right and coherent, I understand you bore to play your music in the same way all the time, I understand you're angry and sad sometimes". Maybe I'm wrong, but I think when Chan plays songs live so differently from their albums is for that, Bob Dylan also plays songs live very differently from their discs. I think this songs means I don't blame you that you get tired of your songs and being a rock star.

you have every right!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/11

To the mother who lost her child:

I love Cat Power and this song. Having said that ... you have the right to feel
anything you want after such a loss. I would never pretend to know what your
child was thinking when she had this in the background at the time of her suicide.
I would never try to analyze your thought process concerning this song and your distain
for it and its composer.It's not my place or anyone else's on this site! I am deeply sorry
for your loss and respect your right to feel whatever it is you feel. I would never want to hear it again either if this song represented to me what it has come to represent to you. It must be very hurtful to hear....I can't even imagine. I am so sorry.

i don't blame you | Reviewer: alex | 12/20/09

look, if your daughter killed herself purely because of a song, why choose this one? wouldn't 'hate' by the same artist be more fitting? take a good look at the lyrics and you will see that they are beautiful, kind and gentle. if she was indeed leaving a message for you to hear, this is a very touching message.

speaking as someone who has depression, i can tell you with 100% honesty that music like this does not make you feel worse, it makes you feel better. i don't presume to understand your daughters motives, of course, but from my experience, music is one of the true emotional releases that we have.

this song is not about suicide, one look at the lyrics can tell you that. it is about her observations on a fellow musician (possibly cobain).

i am sorry for your loss, but please do not think that this song influenced her decision in any way. perhaps there are more important factors in her death to consider. people do not kill themselves on a whim because they heard a cat power song.

Naive | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/09

It's naive and a little egocentric to believe you can understand what goes through a person's head while listening to a song. And it's more than a little judgemental to persecute someone's words used to vent after such a huge loss.

Perhaps this will provoke controversy, but it is my honest, in-depth opinion. | Reviewer: Mary Jackson | 1/16/09

I feel that this song is about Kurt Cobain's decision to quit the music industry. I understand where people might assume that she is getting to the point of saying she doesn't blame him for killing himself, but I've researched the subject of Kurt Cobain's death for numerous years as a devout fan and have come to the substantial conclusion that he did not kill himself. Anybody who thinks otherwise should check out
justiceforkurt.com. Also, the book LOVE & DEATH by Ian Wallace and Max Halperin is very noteworthy in this matter; it explains many inconsistancies and myths surrounding his death, and denotes them to the full extent.
It is true that he never wanted to become famous, which is one reason why he was so reluctant to succomb to his fans persistance on hearing one or two "hits" at every show. He did not kill himself to escape the music industry, however, the "suicide note" references nothing even remotely close to suicide, all it references is his decision to leave Courtney and the band. It is widely known (though obviously not widely enough) that Kurt had made plans to do a duet with Michael Stipe of REM and also made plans to go fishing with his grandfather. Somebody who is going to kill themself isn't going to make those sort of arrangements, it would be more along the lines of giving away their belongings. He was in the process of changing his will to exclude Courtney when he was found dead in their Seattle home. Note that his body had three times the lethal dose of heroin and he was found with the paraphanelia (needle, drugs) neatly packed away in a little wooden box beside him. What man can proceed to inject themselve with 3x the lethal dose (for even a JUNKY) then neatly remove the needle, put everything away and THEN proceed to shoot themself in the head. NO ONE. Period. Doctors have even said that he wouldn't of even been able to take the needle out of his arm. And let's not forget that there were NO fingerprints on the needle used to inject the drug, or the on the pen next to the suicide note and most importantly on the shotgun. What, was he wearing gloves as he performed this literally impossible suicide? I think not. I could go on and on and on and reference a few names such as Kristin Pfaff and Eldon Hoke aka El Duce and their relation to this case but that would take far too long to type out. So, that's my tangeant in response to all the reviews I've read of this song relating it to Kurt Cobain's "suicide." If anybody has any questions, or perhaps would like to add their opinions to my assessed theory from backed research, feel free to email me at msjackson_22@hotmail.com or jacksonm01@northland.edu.

And a footnote for the mother who found her daughter with this track playing in the background: I'm sorry for your loss and give you my condolencies. But look at it this way, she chose a beautiful song with poetic meanings for you to derive as opposed to a nasty song directed at bad parenting, such as the song "For You" by Staind. Look up the lyrics to that song, perhaps it will make it easier for you to bear "I Don't Blame You" by Cat Power. And alas, you cannot put the blame on anyone, not a musician of which she loved, not yourself, she obviously was going through a very hard time and didn't feel she had the strength to cope. I believe "I Don't Blame You" was her way of telling you it had nothing to do with your parenting, and I'm sure she loved you very much. That is all.

song meaning aside for a moment. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/08

i get sort of sick of everyone trying to deeply analyze why kurt cobain killed himself. he was depressed, on drugs, and divorcing his wife. the stress of not being able to cope with the over-whelming success just added on to all of that. i think even the most mentally stable would at least have some kind of nervous break down in that situation. one thing i would never want to be is a rock star that pretty much sets the bar for a whole generation of music. would that not be the most overwhelming thing ever?? the thought of it even gives me anxiety. (but stardom is, i would have to say, the least of my worries considering i go by rapeworm and my music is unpleasantly noisy.) there, my hat is officially in the kurt cobain suicide debate ring. on a more positive note, chan marshall is my feminine hero.

Kurt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/08

Kurt killed himself not because he couldn't the fame. It's because he felt no empathy for other humans. He didn't feel anything anymore. He could'nt feed off the crowd and he felt this was a terrible sin and decided he shouldn't bother the world w/ it.

Cobain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/08

This is definitely about Kurt Cobain; it's supposed to be Chan Marshall's commentary on the event of his death. She's saying how she doesn't blame him for committing suicide (ignoring the whole did he/didn't he debate) because the fame was too much. The first verse can be seen as a comment on how reluctant he was to play Smells like Teen Spirit at every gig Nirvana played, even though many people would only attend gigs to hear that song.
The gist of it is basically how she doesn’t blame him for giving up on it all, and resigning to the fact that he couldn’t cope. It’s not a sad song; it’s a forgiving, almost comforting song. It reminds us that there’s reason behind every action, and all we need to do is look at something, even something as serious as suicide, from the right angle, and we can empathise.

Relator | Reviewer: sara | 1/6/08

I am truly sad for your loss,and i can definitely see how hurt you must feel. Though in times such as, stay strong.
Especially in your case, i am a young teen girl and have suffered loss, though that is not why i feel i relate, i feel i relate as i had the same intentions as your daughter before. Saying this, i think you should look beyond what this may seem to be. Your daughter ended her life leaving something behind for you to find; art. And what is art about? Interpretation. If you ask me, your daughter did not want you to be hurt, did not want you to blame yourself, and if anything wanted to even leave a little bit of a kind reflection to you, remember, the song may be about 'depression' but only in a technical sense. That is not what matters. What the song really means is not what she cared about or she would have left behind a stack of printed out analysis's. She left you this work of art because of what it meant to her. Look closer.

But it never made sense to them anyway,
Could you imagine when they turned their backs
They were only scratching their heads.
Cause you simply deserve the best.
And I don’t blame you
They said you were the best

Personally, I think that is a beautiful thing of her to leave for you.

I DON'T BLAME YOU... | Reviewer: Rob | 10/11/07

I agree completely with this statement... this is a beautiful song:

So your daughter was trying to tell you that she doesn't blame you through a song and you curse the writer? I can understand not wanting to hear it again but beautiful, well-written music--ESPECIALLY about depression and despair-- helps a lot of us get through some of the hardest times in our lives. Depression takes lives, musicians don't. Sometimes music can help to save them.

Just a thought... | Reviewer: Alex | 9/22/07

I think the reason that your daughter had this song on "loop" while she ended her life is because she wanted you to understand, and she probably thought that the lyrics resembled how she felt.

I am deeply sorry about your daughter, but you have to remember that everyone is in control of their own mind. I have had 4 friends die to suicide and 1 attempt within in the past 3 years. It is a tough thing to cope with, but cursing the writer and artist won't help you cope with that pain. Remember that there is light somewhere, and it may not be much light, but it sure beats the darkness.

? | Reviewer: Jen | 9/17/07

How can you attack the mother for hating this song? if my friend, family member, or someone i loved commited suicide to this song, or any other one, i would hate it as well imagine how you would feel, would you ever want to hear this song again if you found your daughter hanging to it?

? | Reviewer: Jen | 9/17/07

How can you attack the mother for hating this song? if my friend, family member, or someone i loved commited suicide to this song, or any other one, i would hate it as well imagine how you would feel, would you ever want to hear this song again if you found your daughter hanging to it?

suicidal tendencies | Reviewer: someone who's been in your daughter's shoes | 9/11/07

I've been in the same place your daughter's been. The song obviously evokes the emotions you've felt since you found her. Oddly enough I'd have my own song to loop and this one wouldn't be it. Believe it or not, this song brought your daughter a great deal of release and it meant a lot to her.

Please trust me when I tell you that the writers and artists who write music never mean for their music to be a catalyst to suicide. Your daughter didn't commit suicide because of this song, she did it because of what was going on inside her head. I'm only sorry she didn't reach out louder before she felt that it was necessary.

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