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Hey, hey, hey
Here I go now, here I go into new days(x2

I'm pain, I'm hope, I'm suffer

hey, hey, heeee-heeeey
Here I go into new days

Hey, hey, hey
Ain't no mercy, ain't no mercy there for me(x2)

I'm pain, I'm hope, I'm suffer

Yeah, hey, heeee-heeeey
Ain't no mercy, ain't no mercy there for me

Do you bury me when I'm gone?
Do you teach me while I'm here?
Just as soon as I belong, then it's time I disappear

Hey, hey, hey
And i went, and i went, on down that road

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Hey, hey, hey
And i went on, then I went on down that road

I'm pain, I'm hope, I'm suffer

Hey, hey, heeeeee-heeeeey
And i went on, then I went on down that road

Do you bury me when I'm gone?
Do you teach me while I'm here?
Just as soon as I belong, then it's time I disappear(2x)

I'm gone! I'm gone! I'm gone baby!

Do you bury me when I'm gone?
Do you teach me while I'm here?
Just as soon as I belong, then it's time I disappear(2x)

Oh, disappear

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the best music band ever | Reviewer: ahgmz | 12/8/12

i'm an iranian guy.i'm 16 years old
they are the best band i'v ever seen
although i love eminem and fifty cent and pink floyd too but i mostly listen metallica musics
when i'm alone when i study in the way of school while i play computer
even when i want to sleep
they're sing about social things that we can learn about god and his greatness but some guys in iran say they are satanist and i'm realy sorry for them they think metal is wildness and only satanists make musics in this gener
they don't know metallica is more than a band.

So meaningful!!! | Reviewer: Colin | 10/16/12

All the lyrics from Metallica's beginning James wrote about his Fathers absence, The bands Misunderstanding's, the hardships that he and the fellow members of Metallica went through, The loss of Cliff Burton,

So Close No Matter How Far
Couldn't Be Much More From The Heart
Forever Trust In Who We Are
And Nothing Else Matters!!

One more thing | Reviewer: Colin | 10/17/12

ST Anger may not have been everybody's favorite, But in this case it wasn't about the music, It was about there return, the first time in two years they were actually a band, James Hetfield's Road to recovery from Alcoholism, It wasn't about Making Millions it was a Celebration of there rebirth!!! Yes there Music from 1981 - 1998 Was the best But if you look at it in "The Eye Of The Beholder" They are the greatest metal band to have ever Exist!!!!! And for that MetallicA I Salute You!!!!! \m/ >_< \m/

Metallica: My blood | Reviewer: Roman Nepal | 6/5/11

I've been listening to Metallica since 2 years, and I should precisely admit there's nothing like them.... so inspiring music, so literary lyrics... they are simply awesome.... they are good anywhere, from classic to trash to heavy metal.... I love everything that Metallica screams.... Metallica: my blood.

the real ones | Reviewer: Haku Tatak | 2/18/11

lately i started to love metallica songs. its contains, the composition everything is just too great. the more you listen to it the more you're glued to few selected songs; in metallica songs its even further. God bless Metallica!!!!

RE: songs | Reviewer: Thomas | 5/22/10

Yeah.... That list has a lot of good songs, but then again... It has a lot of their main-stream, softer shit on it too. My advice is stick wit the hard shit like, And Justice For All era and before. Thats the best of Metallica.

ehhh... its alright. | Reviewer: corey! | 5/4/10

ive been listening to metallica since i was in my mothers fucknig whom man and their latest stuff is nowhere near as badass as the old school shit. sure i like a few songs off of death magnetic and i disappear is pretty good but if really sit down and listen to the metallica from the late 80s then you would realize how much they changed. but honestly thats just my opinion.

songs | Reviewer: -_- | 5/1/10

man u like this? if u listen one, master of puppets, enter sandman, nothing else matters, unforgiven ,unforgiven 2 ,unforgiven 3 ,fade to black ,all nightmare long ,of wolf and man ,ecstasy of gold, fuel ,hero of the day seek and destroyi ...and justise for all, whiskey in the jar, turn the page,blackened , battery, sad but true, aint my bitch, frantic, some kind of monster. u will love

metal head banger | Reviewer: Mr.Pink sock | 1/30/10

i have been listing to metallica for the past 3 years and i dont think i disappear is such a great song. if u want to listen to there good stuff listen to kill em all ride the lighting master of puppets the black album and of course death magnetic

FUCK YOU Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/09 | Reviewer: V2XTREME | 1/29/10

I BET!!! you love the song FUEL!! And you are such a liar!! You don't Like Metallica, cause if you do, you must love ALL their Albums!

Sorry my English SUCK...

Fu.. You ANONYMOUS!! and Show Your Fu..ing FACE the next TIME

about this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/09

I disappear is the unique good song of the nu metal period of metallica, because by load to st anger they only made shit.

good return to thrash metal is Death Magnetic, but nothing like ride the lighting or the black album.

Metallica is my hero \m/_ _\m/ | Reviewer: I<3JaymzHetfield! | 10/4/09

I have recently started listening to Metallica in January, becuz my brother listened to them constantly...and I thought, "Oh, I dont like Metallica" just becuz u "think" they are a normal Metal band, but I've come to realize that thats not the case at all! Ever since i actually sat down and listened to one of their songs, I've been hooked!!!! Everything is Metallica for me now, the songs of my life....I've been down a hard road in the past 6 months, as all of us have, and Metallicas music has helped me through some tough moments! All i had to do was turn on a metallica song or play guitar hero metallica! I hope these guys never stop rockin for many many years to come...i hope to see them one day live, becuz since i live in newfoundland it is very difficult! lol <3 u Metallica! xo

That's attitude | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/08

James Hetfield is a fuckin' god! If you're thinking.. "I have a rockstar's attitude", bullshit... just look at him. The way that man plays guitar, moves, sings, sees the crowd... is just unique and powerful.

growing up on Metallica | Reviewer: Jimbo | 6/23/08

"I disappear" is what sparked my love for metallica, back when i was 10 years old watchin the music video of them rockin out in the middle of the damn desert. I just loved that stuff, i had heard many other metallica songs before i disappear such as "enter sandman", "the unforgiven", "sad but true", "wherever i may roam", and others, but i just wansnt big on metallica because i was so young, as i progressed through into my teen years, i started listening to more and more songs, eventually i ended up stumbling onto the old metallica songs such as "master of puppets", "one", "fade to black", "seek and destroy", "ride the lightning" and "for whom the bell tolls". I can honestly say that this band rocked my world from a young age, and they will continue to do so til the day i die. I look for metallica to get back on top and relclaim the metal throne after this new album is released in september. long live "Metallica".

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