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Aaliyah I Care 4 U Lyrics

Last updated: 05/10/2009 11:00:00 AM

Mmmmmmm.......Yeah......No no no no no no no... yea...ohhhh...
hey my baby
why you lookin so down?
seems like ya need a lovin.
baby you need a girl like me around.
hey my baby
tell me why u cry.
Here take my hand and
wipe those tears from you eyes.

Can I talk to you? (Can I talk to u?)
comfort you? (Ohhhh ohh wooh)
Let you know (just wanna let you know)
I care for you (you...)
Can I talk to you? (I wanna talk...)
comfort you? (Got to let ya know baby, hey)
Let you know (I, wanna let you know..I care..)
I care 4 u.

Hey sexy baby
why'd ya girl leave you in pain?
to let a fine man like you go
She must be insane.
Hey sexy baby
There's no need to worry no.
Oh, boy if you call on me
I'll come, I'll come in a hurry!

Can I talk to you (C'mon...)
comfort you ( you)
Let you know (Ohhh, Baby..)
I care for you (I love you, yes I do...)
Can I talk to you (I wanna talk...nooo)
comfort you (give me a chance..)
Let you know(I wanna let you know,gotta let you know,that I love You...hey)
I care 4 u (hear me say).

Hold on (Hold on)
Stay strong (Stay strong)
Press On (For me, babyyyy...)
I care for you (I care 4 u...)
Hold on (Hold...on)
Stay Strong (Stay...strong)
Press On (Press on...4 me, baby...)
I care 4 u. 2x (all)

Can i talk to you (I...wanna talk...)
comfort you (I wanna hold you tight, baby...)
Let you know (I wanna let you know)
I care for you (that, that I care...for you.....)

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I care 4u | Reviewer: Georgia | 5/8/09

This is tha song ladiezz..-n-yeah God bless my gurl Aaliyah.4 making this beautiful song..that gurl got talent..i got some songs i wanna hook up-- they soung so good im jus trying to get heard or put onto the u Aaliyah

II.L0VE.Y0U.&&.II.MISS.Y0U. R.I.P Y0UR THE BEST EVER! R.I.P. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/08

ii L0ve thiis song so much. Thiis iis one of my favoriite songs and I can relate to iit iin every way.
-we all love you AaLiyah and miis you Liike crazy. You are one 0f the best siingers ever. R.II.P baby Giirl.

this song reflects a feeling in everyone who's been in love. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/07

this song reflects a feeling in everyone who's been in love. I dont care who the person is all I know that if they here this song they will love it.AAliyah out done her self time and time and yet I still wonder what if she was here now what part of my heart would her songs touch this time??

I LOVE U AALIYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: kyara | 6/5/07

hey aaliyahi love all your songs and i just want to say we all miss you and love u r.i.p rest in peace girl in loving memory of aalyah love u liyah we love im getting ready to cry cause u died

i care 4 u | Reviewer: Keisha | 4/29/07

i love u and i care 4 u!!!!!!! i am think about all the time..... i miss u so much!!!!! i need love u so much and i need know u

I Care 4 U | Reviewer: Shai | 4/16/07

I luv dis song it reminds me of what I want to tell someone, but just dont know how.

Dis song is still jump'n! | Reviewer: nisha | 4/10/07

This song reflects on how I feel about my special sum1.

I love this song | Reviewer: Jennifer | 5/2/06

It is the bomb my ex boyfriend made me a cd with only this song so I wouldnt have to keep it on repeat I still listen to it every night