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Alice In Chains I Can't Remember Lyrics

Last updated: 05/18/2013 05:04:33 PM

Turn around you say
'Scuse the 'tude but I haven't eaten today
And my eyes are turning grey
What's your name?

I can't remember... I can't remember

Bring me down you try
Feel the pain and keep it all in till you die
Without eyes you cannot cry
Who's to blame?

I can't remember... I can't...

Remember identity, the visions in my mind from
Screamin' at me
And mama, mama, angry brains of infancy

Knocked down but I have enough hate to breathe
down your throat and steal your energy
You took everything but my will to be
Now the loss of your god won't make me bleed

I am alive

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anon | Reviewer: dirk nigler | 5/18/13

2 things. The Seattle area barely used the term grunge back in the day, mostly media bullshit. Second, everyone copies someone else in some fashion. Oh and facelift.. great fucking album.

to shitface leia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/11

You are an idiot! That band which you mentioned was formed when AiC split... Oh man, you are such shameless idiot cuz you re giving yourself right to shit over one of the greatest grunge bands in the world (ever) you could at least get some information on wiki if you are so stupid!!!

amazing band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/10

Great grunge band! R.I.P layne s.

I think leia had a few too many...=p
layne n jerry are musical masterminds.
AiC never 'knocked off' any band or type of music, thank-you.
learn what a cover is..

fuckin bitch needs a good servin. go run ur mouth somewhere else

Dance Gavin Dance? | Reviewer: Niko | 2/3/10

Dance Gavin Dance was formed in 2005, while AiC has been around since the 1980.. How do you figure that AiC knocked off anyone? If anything the Dance Gavin Dance knocked THEM off. Kid, you wouldn't know good music if it came, knocked your teeth out, shit down your throat then shattered your CDs on your forehead.

shitface leia * | Reviewer: miles | 1/15/10

boy your a dumb son of a bitch. you dont deserve to listen to alice. where the fuck does degrassi an that other faget crap come in when your talking about alice!? just pretend you never herd alice would you an leave it to the real alice fans. i totaly agree with chelle b.t.w

Wow. | Reviewer: Chelle | 10/23/09

Emo harmony? Excuse me but how old are you? Alice in Chains is amazing. Why don't you go watch degrassi and cry about it. AiC is one of the best bands there is, grow the hell up and get a taste in music you freak. And this song is awesome!

wtf??? | Reviewer: shitface leia | 9/26/09

This was supposed to be that sappy love song from degrassi goes to hollywood.not some emo harmony. u guys owe me seventy bucks!!!! b.t.w im a huge dance gavin dance fan an everyone knows that alice in chains is just a knock off of them. strawberry andre? the backwards pumpkin song?? the robot with human hair trilogy??? i mean come on how low could u get. and besides alice in chains doesnt sing this. the thorns do.get it straight. im outttie