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The Who I Can't Explain Lyrics

Last updated: 08/31/2013 08:05:37 AM

Got a feeling inside (Can't explain)
It's a certain kind (Can't explain)
I feel hot and cold (Can't explain)
Yeah, down in my soul, yeah (Can't explain)

I said ... (Can't explain)
I'm feeling good now, yeah, but (Can't explain)

Dizzy in the head and I'm feeling blue
The things you've said, well, maybe they're true
I'm gettin' funny dreams again and again
I know what it means, but …

Can't explain
I think it's love
Try to say it to you
When I feel blue

But I can't explain (Can't explain)
Yeah, hear what I'm saying, girl (Can't explain)

Dizzy in the head and I'm feeling bad
The things you've said have got me real mad
I'm gettin' funny dreams again and again
I know what it means but

Can't explain
I think it's love
Try to say it to you
When I feel blue

But I can't explain (Can't explain)
Forgive me one more time, now (Can't explain)


I said I can't explain, yeah
You drive me out of my mind
Yeah, I'm the worrying kind, babe
I said I can't explain

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Still fab after all these years | Reviewer: Jamie | 8/31/13

This is a perfect pop song which encapsulates "Swinging" mid-sixties London". Townsend probably did borrow from The Kinks but then everyone borrowed from everyone else.
It still has the power to get the feet tapping, has a great 12 string electric guitar solo and the lyrics, though simple, say it all

Jorge | Reviewer: Ewa | 10/11/09

You put this song to me on tagg... (?)
I know everything inside you, I know your feelings and your fears. And I've cared so much and so long only bout you. I saw many times you didn't want to listen, when i was trying to say (these scarry things). But is time to say some things now. And is time for you to listen me. Even if you don't want. I'm not this secound one, i cannot be this secound one. And this case with meeting... is a shit! is so great shit! You have had made big hole in my head. I'm so disappointed and so confused!
So my answer to this song is: Nerves, "When you find out"...

it's a hit ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/09

This is a nice catchy tune, but it does not come to mind when I think of a signature Who song. I think I read somewhere that Townshend borrowed liberally from the Kinks for this tune, and it was consciously written to be a hit. The Who opened concerts with I Can't Explain for many years, not so much because it was great but because it was easy to play and a good way to warm up.

The Real London Sound . | Reviewer: Pep | 2/18/08

43 years after ,this song sounds GREAT ,I´m very found of the Stones ,but the Who are The Real London Sound of the sixties ,when you ear this band you see ,the bus ,the hammersmith bridge ,London as it was in the 60´S .It´s a kind of nostalgia but is not old fashion ..A Classic .!!!

What a great song | Reviewer: Flyinghigh | 8/27/07

The Who has always been one of my favorite bands. I was lucky enough to see them in concert a few months ago, and I remember especially enjoying this song live. The chorus is great, I love the half step decline of the pitch in each line of the chorus, it just sounds so good, good enough to get your toe tapping and your mood rising. Despite this, however, my favorite thing about this song wuold have to be the lyrics. Is it about drugs? about being in love? About being in love with drugs? and whats all this stuff about being depressed in the middle? Does this refer to the ups and downs in a relationship, or the lows that come after doing drugs? I don't know, but In my opinion this songs a little bit of both, welded together in a way the I can't explain.

LISTENING TO THE WHO ON YOU TUBE | Reviewer: Rex Cox | 8/18/07

Upon listening to the Who on You Tube, I realized that though I never thought much of the Who- this is actually a very good tune that has stood up over the years. The kind of song you turn up when it comes on the radio, when you're in your car- which very often if you get to your destination before the song is over, you'll often sit and listen to it until of course, it's finished...and wonder why everyone else in the parking lot seem totally insane, and you don't? And it just seems more and more to be the case the longer you sit there, and the more you watch them...and it all pretty much goes downhill after that. And then of course, you then have to go into the store and get whatever it is that your wife has sent you for...and unless she's written it down, it's quite easy to completely forget what it is she sent you there for in the first place...and you wonder if you should call her and ask, or try to remember and hope you get it right? But what else can you do? That's life.

ya! | Reviewer: DEafdumbanblindboy | 12/7/04

this song is the first song of many by the who! a masterpiece!