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Hank Williams I CRIED AGAIN Lyrics

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Writer: Autry Inman
Artist: Hank Williams
Contributed by: Felton Hall

This song is hard to pick out on the copy I have. It is pretty scratchy
and a couple of the words I have for lyrics in here may be wrong but I
think they are right. Email Greg if you see a problem with it.

I Cried Again Key: G

(G)Teardrops (C)fell the night you (G)said
I love you dear but you are (D)wed
I (G)watched you (C)as you held his (G)hand
then I turned (D)away and cried again

I (C) cried again when I reached (G)home
There sat your picture all a(D)lone
I (G)thought of (C)things that might have (G)been
I bowed my (D)head and cried a(G)gain

I took your letters from the shelf
Then read aloud just to myself
But just before I reached the end
I bowed my head and cried again


And here's the reason why I say
Dear, I must throw your things away
For they would only bring me pain
And I'd bow my head and cry again


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I need to chat with you sometime Greg | Reviewer: Jason | 5/18/2007

Greg I don't see anything wrong with the lyrics I think they are all good. I am 17 years old and I love Hank Williams but none of my friends even know who Hank Williams is. The only time i can really listen to it is when I'm with my uncls. We don't have internet at our house yet but when we get I'll email you some more.


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