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THEY say the devil is in the detail. Maybe, but god-like
genius hangs out there, too. In a world that now seems to
take notice only of melodramatic soundbites and
grandiloquent gestures made against lurid, 2-D backdrops, I
Am Kloot are a Harold Pinter real deal to everyone else’s
overblown, Cecil B de Mille mock-ups. The rough ‘n’ tumble
of realism is what makes Johnny Bramwell (singer/songwriter
and guitarist), bass player Peter Jobson and drummer Andy
Hargreaves tick. It’s the source of I Am Kloot’s
misanthropic and surreal wit. More...

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Someone Like You. | Reviewer: Jonnycomet
    ------ About the song Someone Like You performed by I Am Kloot

The most perfect song. Full of the self analysis and questioning of love and sexual attraction yet still a celebration of the heady feelings involved. Musically every aspect pulls together into a grand finale with rolling drums and georgeous organs. This for me is possibly Kloot's finest. And that is really saying something.

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