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Maria Mena I Always Liked That Lyrics

Last updated: 09/26/2013 02:22:17 PM

Should make me admit I´m broken,
I´m broken, shouldn`t it?
After All That I´ve preached
I still cannot accept that i`m not a fit.
And once lead off course the snowball,
Snowballing down my spine
Draws a perfectly imperfect line.

Is it just the weight,
Cause the weight is what weighs me down again.
Or is that the scapegoat the overly clumsy friend
There to take on the blame for what´s really happening.
The circle must come to an end.

And I always liked that about me
That I know what I am fighting for and for
This I`d go to war.
Weapon in mind is my minds skin
Swaddled round the only bodypart
That should matter,
My heart.

The only way is to let go, get rid of all the fear
Of not being perfect, my goal seems perctly clear.
Terrified if I let go I also lose myself
And I don´t want to be somebody else.


And what if I´ve always been
Good enough in my skin?

Thanks to Carina for submitting I Always Liked That Lyrics.