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Hank Thompson I Ain't Never Lyrics

Last updated: 06/05/2005 12:00:00 PM

(Mel Tillis - Webb Pierce)
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Well I ain't never I ain't never seen nobody like you
No no no never have I ever seen nobody like you
You call me up and say to meet me at nine
I have to hurry hurry but I'm there on time
I walk a right up and knock on your door
The landlord says she ain't a here no more
I ain't never oh darling seen nobody like you
Hoo hoo but I love you yeah I love you
I love you just the same
Well you tell me sweet things that you don't mean
You've got me a livin' in a hunted dream
You make me do things I don't wanna do
My friends ask me Tillis what's wrong with you
I ain't never oh darling...
I love you just the same I love you just the same
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