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It goes a little something like this

In my shoes my toes are busted,
My kitchen says my bread is molded,
I got a good job at the dollar store,
One foot in the hole, one foot gettin' deeper,
with a broken mirror and a blown out speaker
And I ain't got much else to lose.
I'm faded, flat busted;
I've been jaded I've been dusted.
I know that I've seen better days.
One foot in the hole, one foot gettin' deeper,
Crank it to eleven, blow another speaker and
I ain't got, I ain't got much to loose

I've seen better days I've been star of many plays
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I've seen better days and the bottom drops out.
I've seen better days I've been star of many plays
I've seen better days and the bottom drops out.

Now My cup's filled up with five buck wine
I find myself here all the time
Another rip in the glass another chip in my tooth
Rained on I've been stained on
Found another goat I tried to put the blame on
And now I'm steppin on all the cracks
So I guess there ain't no use

I've seen better days I've been star of many plays
I've seen better days and the bottom drops out.
I've seen better days I've been star of many plays
I've seen better days and the bottom drops out.

Woman: "Do you like my gucci bag?"

That's beautiful, beautiful

Check it check it check it out,

I'm bent like glass second hand like glory,
Missed the bus but I'm in no hurry,
Molasses fast no business born,
One foot in the hole, one foot getting deeper,
Crank it to eleven, blow another speaker and
I aint got i aint got much to lose

I've seen better days I've been star of many plays
I've seen better days and the bottom drops out.
I've seen better days I've been star of many plays
I've seen better days,
I've seen better days,
I know that i've seen better days,
(the bottom drops out)
I've been the star, of so many plays,
(and the bottom drops out)
Walked on the edge with that hobo way.
(the bottom drops out)
'Cause I know I know that I've seen better days
(and the bottom drops out)

Now I'm real thirsty...

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Confusion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/10

Shit man, this explains why it's been so hard for me to find this song. And I don't know about you guys, but the reason I thought it was by sublime was because that was who the radio station claimed it was by when they sourced the song.

There should be no argument. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/10

Sublime is one of my favorite bands. That being said, this is Citizen King. Just by listening to the song you can see that while the voice is similar to Bradley Nowell's, it is certainly not his.

100% Citizen King.

This all started through illegal downloading. People downloaded mp3s with no artist listed, assumed it was Sublime, and there the confusion began as those files were shared over and over. It's like a virus.

Good times | Reviewer: nathan | 1/16/10

I love this song makes me feel good whenever i hear it! seeing that there is an argumentabout who its by and i made this song hahahaha years before you were all born in my former life.people are trying to bitch out the people arguing your all wrong haha. like who cares who its by but i just want to ssay i love it

i like cereal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/09

if you guys are fed up with arguing about it then why do you continue fueling the argument by saying "Stop arguing?" just starts more shit (and yes i am fueling the arguement too by posting this, but i dont give a fuck. i like arguing). anyway, great song, already knew the lyrics but stumbleupon took me here.

I know that I've seen better days...

calm down | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/09

look, you obviously wouldn't be looking up the lyrics to this song if you didn't like it. so who cares who sang it, sublimes great, and I'm sure citizen king is too. so don't worry about it, smoke some weed, lay back and enjoy the song.

This is gay | Reviewer: that guy | 3/3/09

haha wow. i like the argument about this being a sad sad thing to look up and that all you guys need a hobby... that would include me, but im high, and well, i don’t care. if you do have no life though (yes, i do realize that is poor english), and you explore the anthology of sublime and the works of nowell you'll soon realize that this song is not from any sublime discography nor from any of bud gaugh and eric wilson's later work with the long beach dub allstars, nor eric wilson's work with the long beach short bus. by the way you all should definitely check both bands out... killer shit. so what was i saying? oh yea, limewire and frostwire and all that shit occasionally have miss labeled shit on there. it happens and if you fancy yourself a music aficionado go ahead and rename the songs on your itunes or whatever you use. just the other day i recorded vinyl tracks off a steely dan record... did i label all the songs correctly? i think so, but maybe i got distracted by a hot bitch on tv or maybe my phone went off. shit happens or people don't pay attention. whatever. peace out girlscouts.... fuckin right. i'm guna go eat cookies

anonymous | Reviewer: Ale | 9/16/08

wooooow i thought sublime sang this song
im shocked now to think for so long it was
sublime thats just wierd cuz it does kinda
sound like it im not gonna change the artist tho
cuz ive never heard of citizen king but yeah
it is a kick ass song!!

L0LX0RS111Eleventy | Reviewer: Rance Mohanitz | 9/5/08

If everybody gives their two cents, pretty soon we'll have a dollar. On that note: As far as I can Google, Sublime never did a cover of this song. Sublime as a group featuring Bradley Nowell as the lead singer ended its existence over 6 years before this song was even released by Citizen King. It's a little hard for Bradley to sing now that he's dead. Sublime may or may not have covered this in later years, but I could not find any evidence that they had. Hate on this, suckaz!

stop the madness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/08

just my two cents-
there is no point in arguing.
1. sublime never covered this song.
2. it is by citizen king, not citizen cope (as limewire has it)
3. there is no reason to argue over something like this. if you need to argue over music, i would be glad to argue about something more interesting than how people label one song that really doesn't matter.

Stupid | Reviewer: Jenn | 8/13/08

Who the fuck starts this shit on the internet? Why doesn't everyone just do their research on their own, so crap like this doesn't happen. You're just making yourselvse look rediculous for arguing about it.

Everyone has their own opinion about music. Some people have it shoved up their ass and some dont. If people don't care who its by, why do you all have to throw your opinion into it and tell them they're wrong?

How about i just throw my opinion in there and tell all of you that i think you're fucking retarded.

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