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The Cure I'm a Cult Hero Lyrics

Last updated: 11/15/2009 10:00:00 AM

I'm a cult hero
a dream come true
You want to touch me
but you can't get through
I walk on water and I don't get wet
I've got something you won't forget
I'm a cult hero -- payed my dues
I'm a cult hero -- got nothing to lose
I'm a cult hero

I'm a cult hero
I'm ahead of my time
You'll never rule me
'Coz I'm all mine
Bounce off of me
'Coz I'm so strong
My time is coming and it won't be long


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I'm a Cult Hero Baby! | Reviewer: Jane | 11/13/09

Just to clarity - while this is indeed a Cure song - it was writen for, and sung by, the actual "Cult Hero"; Frank Bell - not Robert Smith. Frank was a local postman in the town of Horely.

Another intesting note regarding this song is that Robert Smith's sisters also contributed to this song - Janet on bass and Margaret on backing vocals - as well as other band mates, friends and family members.