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This gettin up early, pulling double shifts,
Gonna make an old man of me long before I ever get rich.
But I'm tryin
It's been two years since we've finalized,
I still ain't used to puttin ex in front of wife.
But I'm tryin.
Send more money right away, is pretty much all she has to say when she
Calls these days and don't you be late

But all I can do, is all I can do and I keep on tryin
And all I can be is all I can be and I keep on tryin
There's always a mountain in front of me,
Seems I'm always climbin and fallin and climbin
But I keep on tryin

I remember daddy sayin keep your eye on the ball, run like hell, play to win,
Get up when you fall
I'm tryin
Don't say nothin that you can't take back
Never do anything you might regret
No don't do that
Daddy I'm tryin
Know the difference between heaven and hell
Go easy on the bottle be hard on yourself
And I know he meant well

But all I can do, is all I can do and I keep on tryin
And all I can be is all I can be and I keep on tryin
There's always a mountain in front of me,
Seems I'm always climbin and fallin and climbin
But I keep on tryin

There's always a mountain in front of me
Seems I'm always climbin and stumblin
And then fallin'
And then climbin'
But I keep on tryin'

This gettin up early pullin double shifts
Gonna make an old man of me
Long before I ever get rich
But I'm tryin'

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All I Can Do Is All I Can Do | Reviewer: Randy Ehrler | 8/10/12

Thoughts Inspired by the song “I’m Tryin’ ” by Trace Adkins

Sometimes, despite all of our best efforts, intentions and prayers – we screw up, we fail, we miss the mark, we disappoint and we sin. Ideally, we would be forgiven for our shortcomings and loved despite our imperfection.

Unfortunately, we know that this is rarely the case. This is especially true as we age – as the promise of what we could be – all of our potential for greatness – has begun to fade and the truth of our lives path has been revealed. For many, the realization that they are not going to have or be what they dreamed is something from which they never recover. Anger, resentment, regret – woulda, shoulda, coulda’s – fill their mind, harden their hearts and infect their relationships. Marriages and families are destroyed by “if only’s” – the idea that one’s life would have been better – different – if only we had married someone else – anyone else – or had chosen a different course for our lives.

This is the territory of the enemy. When we become consumed with these feelings, it becomes impossible to see any of our blessings, to remember what we loved about this person, or to accept our lives as a gift from God – to be lived, loved and sometimes endured. It all has meaning and purpose – part of life – of maturing in our faith – is in seeking to understand the lessons that reside in our troubles and disappointments.

But this darkness – the demon of disappointment – is a nasty bitch, once she has set her teeth into the heart and mind she does not surrender willingly or easily. Look around you – think about people you know, the struggles, strife and pain that exist – how much of it originates in these very thoughts and feelings? A lot! Tragically, the victims of this darkness extend beyond the infected – because spouses, children, friends, co-workers – store clerks even – live in the wake of these moods and attitudes. The closer one is to the flame, the more consumed they become with trying to alleviate the disappointment – to be seen, loved, accepted – enough. The darkness tells those around it that they are not enough (unwanted?) – a feeling sometimes worse than death in many ways.

So, it becomes the responsibility of each of us to accept our lives; to accept our choices, our failings, our frailty, our weakness and true selves. Others will or will not accept us as we are – now. Most will not – they may accept us conditionally (what you might become) or reject us completely. I think this it what draws people back to the friends of their youth – the people and places who knew them to the core and loved them. As the closing line of Stand By Me summed up so perfectly – “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anybody?”

At the end of the day – all you can do is all you can do. The rest is often out of your control. This is a heartbreaking truth. We want to believe that if we do our best we will get the outcome we desire. No so. You can love and not be loved in return. You can work hard, do a great job and still be fired. You can be the perfect candidate for the job and still not be chosen. Sucks! Yet, in a way it is a liberating thought – you cannot control the outcome! What a relief. Do your best and forget the rest. Strive to be the kind of person you want to see more of in the world – be accepting, be a friend, be forgiving, work hard, love deeply, be gentle, have fun and embrace people where they are, as they are. We have to know – even if they are screwing up – it is likely that they are trying their best – just take it and move on.

To all of those whom I love – who I have disappointed, failed, upset – please forgive and accept me – I’m Tryin’.

Peace & God Bless!

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