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Bright Eyes I'm Sorry for being Such a Crappy Friend Lyrics

Last updated: 01/29/2008 10:00:00 AM

Came to me yesterday and you were feeling small
And you come to me today 'cause noone seems to like your style at all
And you'll be back tomorrow when you've had it up to here
But you know, I hope you know,
When it's you and me there is no fear.

And why is the bad so much easier to believe?
We've both admitted this, so how can it still persist?
And if it should come down to one of us has to leave, I promise you
that it won't be you, no it won't be you. And it won't be...
I promise you that it won't be you, no, it won't be you.
And it won't be me.

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Merci Jimi. | Reviewer: Forrest | 1/30/2008

Actually, "jetcityjimi" is correct. Commander Venus was Oberst's first band, and this song is in the only torrent you can find for Commander Venus. The person who uploaded the torrent must have made a mistake. If you'll pay attention, this song sound NOTHING like any other Commander Venus song, and Commander Venus has no girl member. Think, man.

Thank you Jimi, I really dig this song, and I couldn't figure out the artist.

You dont' know shit. | Reviewer: Priss | 10/7/2007

This song is actually by Conor's band, Commander Venus, which was a band he was in from 1994-1998.


=S | Reviewer: YEAH | 9/28/2007

why is it a female singer?
whats conor DOIIING.
its not really bright eyes without conor.
this song sounds like the catchers.

WRONG BAND!! | Reviewer: jetcityjimi | 5/19/2006

For God's sake man, this is NOT a Bright Eyes tune. This song was released by B'ehl on their album *Bright Eyes* in 2000.