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Marshall Crenshaw I'm Sorry (But So Is Brenda Lee) Lyrics

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(Ben Vaughn)

When you're young, you do what you think you're 'spossed to (yes you do)
There ain't no big hand from heaven reachin' down to guide you
Well, I thought I loved you; I made a promise that I couldn't keep
Oh I'm sorry, and so is Brenda Lee
We used to laugh at how we would prove them all wrong
And it was gonna be blue skies and endless sweet love songs
Oh nowadays baby, you won't even admit that you once knew me
Well, well, I'm sorry, and so is Brenda Lee
Well, it's funny how the world turns 'round
It's funny how the seasons go
It's funny how it always rains on the day you get your shoes shined
And it's funny, how apart we've grown
Oh yeah baby it looks like you've gone your way,
and I guess I'll go mine
Oh, I know you've got your reasons for being unkind
Aw, but that's all right, darlin'
I'm never gonna miss the way things used to be
Oh I'm sorry, and so is Brenda Lee
Yea I'm sorry, and so is Brenda Lee
Well I'm sorry, and so is Brenda Lee
Jerry Marotta: Drums
Tony Levin: Bass Guitar
Warren Klein: Tamboura
Mitchell Froom: Keyboards
T-Bone Burnett: Vocals

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