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Paul Wall I'm Real You Fake Lyrics

Last updated: 02/04/2014 06:07:41 PM

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Feat. Bun B & D-Boss


I get no sleep (no sleep), but I get paid (I get paid)
I play no games (no games), no I don't play (I don't play)
Work all night (all night), work all day (all day)
And that's why I'm real (I'm real) and you fake (you fake)
I'm real, you fake (fake) I'm real, you fake (fake)
'M real, you fake (fake) I'm real and you fake (yes!)
I'm real, you fake (fake) I'm real, you fake (you fake)
I'm real, you fake (fake) I'm gettin' this pay (yes!)

I'm fifties and hundreds, you fives and tens (tens)
I'm swangas on Cadillacs and AMG on Benz (Benz)
You broked down on hub caps, catchin rides with your friends
While I'm fuckin these hoes, having threesomes with twins (twins)
My ice is crazy (crazy), your shit fugazy (faded)
You're tricking for pussy, my bitches pay me
My team is official, squad full of bosses (trip)
Your team is suspect, y'all mickey mouses (racks)
My two cups are money, you stretchin' the ace
You whisper in silence, I see it to your face
You call her your gall, I call her my hype
Than I call her a cab, she don't never spend the night


I'm in here, I been here, I don't plan on leaving (leaving)
My crew's deep so don't sleep, we robbin' and theavin (theavin)
We play hard and stay hard so there be no slackin' (slackin')
I go live with that 45 you know I'll be packin (packin)
I'm stacking that bread up (hard)
Hold shit, I'm fed up (yeah I'm)
You wanna ball with the big dogs you best get your bread up (come on!)
From night time till sun up, hustle hard, stay one up
My head down and my gun up, you want your issue than run up
I'm trill and you're not real, so we can't be equal (equal)
With one shot, you gon' drop and there be no sequel (sequel)
Paul Wall that's my people (people)
Better yet that's my fam (fam)
So you best respect who he is (is)
Than you best respect who I am Bitch!


Big bucks I'm papered up with a taper cut in the A tub (tub)
Haters mad they the cup while I'm sippin' purple out the liquor cup (drunk)
Big bro got big doe and killer dro I'm thoed (thoed)
You story tellin' and talking down, lieing to these hoes (stop lieing!)
I'm out there on 4's and I'm down for all my bros (bros)
I'm 'bout as real as they come 'till the day my casket close (close)
I dominate like Tom Cruise and country fresh is my clothes (my clothes)
These haters hate but I can't lose, I'm trill down to my toes (I'm trill)
Hate the money, don't hate the man, got 50 grand on my person (ballin')
One deep with two clips, I'm just as real in person (I'm trill)
Gettin' twisted up like cursive, you mad over that cursin'
I'm with Bun B and a Beamer and we grindin' out there workin' baby


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