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Paul Anka I'm Not Anyone Lyrics

Last updated: 04/19/2013 06:00:53 PM

I'm not anyone,
No, not just anyone.
I have the right to lead
A life fulfilled with every need.

I'm not any man
Designed to fit someone’s plan.
I have my own desires,
Of the things a man aspires.

I'll not be used,
Misled, deceived or abused.
No, sir, not me,
I am free.
And I will not give away
The freedom I have is the same.
To say I do, I don't
I will or I won't.

Know thyself,
These words are true.
Know thyself,
I hope I do.
Toil a while, but not in vain
I removed the child, the man remains.
Life is filled with those who fail,
The weak, the strong, the meek, the frail.
And those who they refuse to try,
And those who they never live, then they die.

I'm not I'm not one of those,
I'm full of pride, I suppose.
I'll say it loud,
I am proud.
And I'll not I will not be a space,
A no one, a number, a face.
No, sir, not me,
I am free.
No, I'll not be used
Mislead, deceived or abused.
No, sir, not me, not me,
Because I'm, I'm free.