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Alabama I'm In A Hurry (And I Don't Know Why) Lyrics

Last updated: 08/08/2006 12:00:00 PM

I'm In A Hurry To Get Things Done
Oh I, Rush & Rush Until Life's No Fun
All I Really Gotta Do Is Live & Die
But, I'm In A Hurry & Don't Know Why

Don't Know Why
I Have To Drive So Fast
My Car Has Nothing To Prove
It's Not New, But It'll do 0-60 In 5.2, Oh


Can't Be Late
I Leave In Plenty Of Time
Shakin' Hands With The Clock
I Can't Stop
I'm On A Roll & I'm Ready To Rock Oh,


I Hear A Voice
It Says I'm Running Behind
I Better Pick Up My Pace
It's A Race & There Ain't No Room For Someone In 2nd Place

Chorus 4X
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