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Kenna I'm Gone Lyrics

Last updated: 10/07/2008 12:00:00 PM

Oh well. There's no free lunch.
Papa legba on adrenaline.
Lazy vultures circle 'round my head.
Revolution 1 on the radio.
The static buzzes harsher
than my room's tv snow.

Everything's good. I'm gone.
Nervous and wasted thankfully.
Happiness is being numb.
So I'm gone, I'm gone.

Bonnie Brown's letting them in.
Laughing comes, making friends.
The Volvo room writes the songs
While the giant plum plays along.

Chorus (2X)

Surprise, surprise
How t-t-t-time flies
When all is right
Surprise, surprise
I'm getting by.

You don't know me.
Do do do do do do
My, my.
Nobody can tell.
You don't know me.
Si ti das woh
Si ti krad woh
Oh well oh well

Chorus (3X)
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