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Last updated: 04/16/2003 05:27:51 AM

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I cannot believe
all the things you say to me
what about last night
i was nice why'd you decieve me
i brought you home and i came in
i wasn't there for a conversation
i wanted you and me in bed
but you didn't understand
when you realized my intentions
you told me that you didn't care
(or you were just too scared)
all i did was scream
and broke your harmless little hand cuz i'm a man
i have to prove to everyone
that i can have you when i want
and you'll nod your head in vain
i'm a man
i have to prove to everyone
that i can cheat on you again
why are you afraid?
it won't happen again (it will)
you know i'd never hit a friend
i brought you flowers bought you candy
anything so that you'd forget
the torture that i put you through
it's coming back again

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