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J. J. Cale I'm A Gypsy Man Lyrics

Last updated: 10/21/2013 07:07:50 AM

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I'm a gypsy man on a one-night stand
Never fit to be in love with the likes of you
I'm with a gypsy band, just travelling the land
They'll be leaving in the morning, and I'll be leaving too
Things like love don't tie me down
I just spread my love around
Why some more don't change among the girls I don't know
I'm a gypsy man on a one-night stand
Gonna have some fun before I have to go
Don't you cry and don't you weep, close your eyes and go to sleep
I've held you in my arms too long
What fortunes did I bring, golden earrings
When you wake up in the morning I'll be gone

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