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The snow in Montana was three feet high
Lady at the counter said,
"There ain't no flights"
So he called her on the telephone,
He said I'll rent a car
And I'll drive home.

She said,
I'll wait for you like I did last year
At Christmas time with you family here,
And your truck broke down
Out in San Antone
And the gifts stayed wrapped
Till you got home,
Oh this ain't nothing new,
Sweetheart I'll wait for you.

Now he's on his cell phone
In a Coupe deVille
Talking to the one he loves and always will
His heart is breaking
Cause she's there alone
Her heart is aching
Cause she wants him home

She says i'll wait for you
Like in '68 when our child was due
I said It will have to wait
Until his dad gets here,
And stands by my side,
Remember dear our son's first cry.
Soh this ain't nothing new,
Sweetheart I'll wait for you.

He didn't stop all day
To eat a bite,
And he finally got there around midnight
The doctor said she's in a better place
She said to give you this note,
Just in case.

And it said I'll wait for you
At heaven's gate,
Oh I don't care how long it takes
And I'll tell St. Pete I can't come in
Without my love and my best friend,
Oh this ain't nothing new,
Sweetheart I'll wait for you.

P.S. I love you too
Sweatheart I'll wait for you...

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"I'll Wait For You"- Joe Nichols | Reviewer: Trina | 8/10/09

Hey, this is a very lovely song! I absolutely admire it,and it's on my tops are being one of my favorites even thoughh it's sad it's one of my favorites! I've been suffering from depressing since awhile,and when I turn this song I to listen to it ,it make's me cry! really brings out the emotions in me,and I just let those clear water drops fall down my cheeks! absolutely beautiful song! I love it,and I love Joe Nichols he's my favorite singer of all time! he's amazing.... Love it

Awesome Song ~Hannah~ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/08

I don't have any sad or happy story to this song. But I do really like it. It is one of my favorite songs. I dont have anything like friend's grandmother dieing in the hospital happy, or a father, mother, or other family or friends.. I'm sorry but I really like this song. XD It makes my cry everytime.

sad song | Reviewer: Stephanie | 9/22/08

I heard this song yesterday for the first time and I just had to find out who sang it. My father is batteling cancer and he and my mom have been married 41 years and this song really hit home when I heard it. I know my dad will be waiting for her and us when we knock on heavens door.

Miss glady | Reviewer: EmilyClifford | 4/10/08

Well Well well, This song makes me cry Every single timee because of this wonderful 92 year old lady that passed away on easter monday 2008 it makes me cry because of my best friend logan and her mother lana, They were very close to her, But we knew that it was her time to go because shes believes in so much and i dont think shed ever have someone disliking her she was amazing and i only met her once in the hospital and even than she had her little cross around her neck and thats when i knew shed be going to heaven she died on easter monday and that what she would have wanted RIP galdy, Love forever and always, (L):) xox

Love Emilyclifford

Very Sweet... | Reviewer: Niki | 2/10/08

I lost my dad back in September, Suddenly in a car accident...
I know he would be tellin' my mom he would be waiting at the gates for her... We always waited for my dad, our whole lives, he was a trucker and we never did anything unless he was there. This song makes me cry every single time, but it really is tears of Joy knowing my dad will be waiting for us when our time comes...
Wonderful song

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/08

This song is completely amazing. My boyfriend told me he first loved me after playing this song to me on his phone. He is an Army man ..so he asked me if I would wait for him if he gets send out. This song makes me cry every single time and at the same time smile. It makes me think of him all the time. I love you sweetheart. Thanks Joe for this song.!!!

Be sure to wait in heaven, not in hell | Reviewer: Volker ("Mac") | 1/23/08

Hi everybody, I'm as well very touched by this great song. I lost my mother due to cancer in 2000. And it still hurts.
But I know for sure she's in heaven. She was a christian and she lived it. So it was only her body we buried in the grave. I am sure I will see her again when "my time has come". The same goes for my wife, and I hope it will go for my two boys, too.
I am reading the "Left Behind" series at the moment. One lesson I learned thereof is: The time for making the decision for heaven, not for hell, is NOW. And the decision is the decision for Jesus.
God bless you.

touching song | Reviewer: rachel navarro | 1/4/08

This song is so sad and every time me and my dad hear it we cry, because my mom pased away 11/7/6. This is a great song and I know my mom will wait for my dad.

Amazing | Reviewer: Camille | 12/28/07

So sad...it reminds me of my Mom. (She isn't dead, but she lives in a mental hospital across the country and I never get to see her.) This song is so beautiful...wow. I cry every time I hear it. I sang it to my friend who'd never heard it, and she cried too. Thank you so much, Joe Nichols.

My brother | Reviewer: Ashley | 12/5/07

my brother died when i was little and knowing he wont be here is hard and i heard this song and he told me "i wont be here long but i will wait for you sissy just wait and see" and i miss him so much so Joe thank you for writing this song it reminds me of Sam and he would say the same things so thank you very much

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