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Bryan Ferry I'll See You Again Lyrics

Last updated: 08/08/2012 11:49:00 AM

(Noel Coward)

I'll see you again
Whenever Spring breaks through again
Time may lie heavy between
But what has been
Is past forgetting
This sweet memory
Across the years
Will come to me
Though the world may go awry
In my heart will ever lie
Just the echo of a sigh
I'll see you again
Whenever Spring breaks through again

Time has lain heavy between
But what has been
Can leave me never
Your dear memory
Throughout my life
Will come to me
Though my world has gone awry
Though the years my tears may dry
I shall love you 'til I die

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Noel Coward's song is fact, not a whimsical rumination. | Reviewer: Raul daSilva | 8/8/12

Noel Coward "channeled" this song while in a cab. It came to him complete, greatly helping his 1929 musical "Bittersweet" to a great success.

His song, “I’ll See You Again” has far reaching
significance for me. You can see why if you read my blog:

I'll See You Again (Noel Coward) | Reviewer: Claudia Heinemann | 6/13/11

This song has such special meaning to me. I lost Tommy, the love of my life, in 1951 when a gun on his Navy ship blew up, killing him and six other young men. We had been married only five years, with one small child and we were only 25 years old. I married again in 1956 and, over 54 years of marriage and four children, I learned to love my husband deeply. I have never had closure about Tom's death - we never got to say 'goodbye' and his casket was hermetically sealed at request of the government. Flip passed away two months ago. I have never stopped grieving and I feel like I've only existed during these past years without Tom and Flip. I am 85 years old and now this beautiful song stirs memories in my heart that I cannot or will not forget of one who I still long for and another who I will also love and miss. I never knew that a heart could be broken twice.

Bittersweet | Reviewer: Roger | 3/9/09

I'll See You Again is from Coward's musical Bittersweet. It's a lovely song. Coward certainly late now grass grow under his feet. He worked constantly and swiftly. He didn't sit laboriously at the piano, composing. Rather he'd mostly quickly write down the basic tune and lyrics to his songs, then give the arranging to others. He was a "right handed" composer.

School Play | Reviewer: Edith | 11/8/07

My school is doing this play and I'm in it. The play is called Blithe Spirit and in the very last scene Edith (that's me) has to sing this song in a cockney accent. It's amazingly funny. The play is amazing and I L-O-V-E Noel Coward. He was an amazing playwright and songwriter/ singer.