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Patsy Cline I'll Sail My Ship Alone Lyrics

Last updated: 04/14/2013 05:56:44 AM

I'll sail my ship alone

We've been sweethearts for so long
But now you say were through
The love we shared is now a memory
I have built a ship of dreams
And planned them all for you
But now I guess what is to be, will be


I'll sail my ship alone
With all the dreams I own
Drifting out across the ocean blue
Yes, I'll sail my ship alone
Tho' all the sails you've torn
And when it starts to sink
Then I'll blame you

Now, I gave a message to the wind
To take back home to you
Hoping you would hear my S-O-S
I thought that you would come back home
My darling if you knew
How much my achin' heart is in distress


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