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Dolly Parton I'll Oilwells Love You Lyrics

Last updated: 03/23/2004 09:50:20 PM

I met a man in Texas and oh he was so fine
And I said to myself self I'm gonna make him mine
He owned a lot of oilwells and his bankroll sure was healthy
I knew that if I married him I'd certainly be wealthy
Oh I'll oilwells love you and I'll oilwells care
And I'll oilwells need you I'll want you oilwells dear

Well I never had no money not a penny to my name
And I said I'd find a rich man and I'd love my way to fame
So he took me in his arms I cuddled up real near
The moneybug still bit me and I whispered in his ear
Oh I'll oilwells love you...

He looked into my eyes Lord he saw a love light shine
Little did he know that that light was dollar signs
Now that we are married there ain't nothin' left to tell
We'll live happy ever after cause oil is well that ends well
Oh I'll oilwells love you...
I'll oilwells love you...