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Van Morrison I'll Never Be Free Lyrics

Last updated: 07/06/2007 11:00:00 AM

Each time I hold somebody new
My arms go cold thinking of you
No one can take your place, darling, in my embrace
I'll never be free.

And when my lips burn with desire
No other kiss can put out the fire
Though I may try and try, no one can satisfy
This longing in me.

I'll never be free from your smile so tender
The sweet surrender in your eyes
I cannot be free when I remember
How you fill me with desire.
Just like a train tracks through my heart
Your love remains while we're apart
That kiss I gave to you
Made me a slave to you
I'll never be free.

That kiss I gave to you
Made me a slave to you

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I'll Never Be Free | Reviewer: Sandy Castor | 7/6/2007

I just love this song, how can I send it to other friends, so they can listen.
Sandy Castor

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