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Golden Earring I'll Make It All up to You Lyrics

Last updated: 02/13/2003 02:49:03 AM

From the Album:
* N.E.W.S.

In a painting by Van Gogh
I saw a street, covered with black snow
People movin’ in a nervous stripe
Blues, red and yellow
Read your letter for the seventh time
The ink is getting close to fade away
but it still brings the ocean back to mind
In this here desert, without oases
Shouting at the man in the moon
I’ll make it all up to you
The rhythm and the dance of the loon
I’ll make it all up to you
And the night is a horoscope sight
While the sun sets fire to the dune
I’ll make it all up for you
I remember your face and your Picasso
Pale as sugar, sweet and low
And your hair in a ponytail and dyed
Eyes lookin’ up from down below
I’ve been shouting at the man in the moon
I’ll make it all.............etc., etc.