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Megadeth I'll Be There Lyrics

Last updated: 06/06/2013 12:19:07 PM

[Dave Mustaine/Bud Prager/Marty Friedman]

I heard the voice of redemption
For me there is no exemption
I started praying

I heard the voice of satisfaction
Needing me for benefaction
I started pleading

I heard the bells begin to chime
Warning me oh lord
Don't let this be my time
Don't let this be my time

I'll be there for you, when you walk through the fire
I'll be there for you, when the flames get higher
When nothing fits and nothing seems right
Till the very last breath of my life, I'll be there for you

You saw me slide, you saw me fall
We kept our pride through it all
We started screaming

When skies are dark, no sun shines through
I know I see the light in you
We stopped dreaming and started believing

I'll be there for you, when you walk through the fire
I'll be there for you, when the flames get higher
When nothing fits and nothing seems right
Till the very last breath of my life, I'll be there for you
I'll be there

In my hour of need
You were there always
Now it's time for me to be there for you too

I'll be there for you

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Religion!!!!??? hahahahahaha | Reviewer: Peterrrr | 6/6/13

I agree with Joel, this lyric makes no sense if you try to identify it with religion.

Its about LOVE, c'mon guys... you only need the chorus!. And the way he sings.. he is talking to a woman, obviously.

;) Have fun!!

Faith? No, more like love! | Reviewer: Joel | 10/4/12

Come on people, this isn't a song about Dave's religion, its a love song! Its so obvious! Read the lyrics from a 1st person point of view, from Dave's point of view, its about his wife Pamela. The reference to 'In My Darkest Hour' makes it clear, instead of his ex-girlfriend Diana not being there, he is saying that Pamela was there for him!
Saying that you will 'be there' for God makes no sense, you can only 'be there' for another person.

Uncanny Timing | Reviewer: Gina | 3/25/11

I love Megadeth in general. Dave is awesome. I love this song especially more now. I was thinking of a deceased friend who's always been there for me before when the song came up and played on my pc player. Uncanny how it played at the right timing. =) Thanks for the song, guys.

I think this song is great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/11

I know is not the classic megadeth that we all love, but come on, at this point mustaine and the band were finally sober, Mustaine (as much as I know) was Christian, and they were more focused in the musical part than in the heavy riffs

I think this song is great

many meanings | Reviewer: Eddie | 3/24/10

I think this song has many meanings and it's up to the one who listens it to find it.
In my opinion and considering that Dave is a Christian, the song it's talking about how he found God in his life and started believing.

"I'll be there for you, when you walk through the fire"

That part of the lyrics, may justify my point of view.

Also, I think that the song is dedicated to all the Megadeth fans in Argentina... because we were always there, supporting the band in the good and bad times.

Risk | Reviewer: David | 9/24/09

Well, a masterpiece of a song in my opinion. For those wondering this song was meant for Megadeth's fans in Argentina. Megadeth never played this song anywhere besides Argentina, and in 2005 he told a crowd after they played this song that they would never play it again.

simply the one of the greatest from the greatest | Reviewer: bucky groll | 8/12/09

truly an amazing album in my opinion. there are facts that the feedback on this album weren't as good as others but the musicianship is amazing and the songs are twice as amazing there is no so-so or maybe's about it id say for sure this album is one of the tops on my list

Re:Re: I'll Be There | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/09

Not a mistery at all. In fact, it's very simple: people's expectations played against this album. I mean, it's Megadeth: people were expecting a thrash metal album, not a more commercial one. They were kinda dissapointed.
If a hard rock band or a commercial band had released an album like this, it would have succeded. That's what I think.

Re: I'll Be There | Reviewer: Hunter Workman | 6/27/09

A so-so album?
I think the whole CD was consistently good.
And, yet, so many people give it negative feedback.
It's a change of pace, which is something we've seen time and time again with Megadeth.
So, I'm not quite sure why Risk takes so much heat.
One of life's great mysteries, I suppose.

I'll be there... worth the Risk | Reviewer: Kelly Matthews | 5/26/09

Great song from a so-so album. These lyrics can be taken many different ways. A spiritual aspect can be felt here. This can be expected because Dave Mustaine is a Christian. I would love to see more of his faith show through in his music.