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Hypnotize - System Of A Down

Why don't you ask the kids at Tiananmen Square
Was fashion the reason why they were there
They disguised it, hypnotized it
Television made you buy it

I'm just sitting in my car
And waiting for my...

She's scared that I will take her away from there
dreams and her country left with no one there
Mezmerize the simple minded
Propaganda leaves us blinded

I'm just sitting in my car
And waiting for my girl
I'm just sitting in my car
And waiting for my girl


I'm just sitting in my car
And waiting for my girl
I'm just sitting in my car
And waiting for my girl

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It's obvious what this song is about. | Reviewer: Josh | 2/11/11

There is more to the Tienanmen Square incident then you think. Local police were actually shooting civilians, I believe over 100 dead. This is what the song is trying to get across. The information about civilians getting shot is not mainstream because of propaganda. Hence it leaves us blinded.

here | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/10

I researched the Tiananmen Square incident and it turns out that the protesters actually burned vehicles with people still in them. I think SOAD was actually against the entire protest saying that "mesmerize the simple minded/ propaganda leaves us blinded" i think they meant that the idea was more of a fad and that some students have just gone there to feel like they were in some part of some revolution though they didn't know anything about it.

About the SOAD's girlfriend and stuff: I don't know. Haven't really researched that part. Just know my history (:

What the song actually means | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/10

"The song's lyrics in the verses reference the Tienanmen Square protests of 1989 and propaganda. The chorus is unrelated with the rest of the song: in an interview with MTV, Daron stated that the song was written while he was actually sitting in his car waiting for his girlfriend" (wikipedia.org)

thats what the guy that wrote it sad its about ^_^ yay for research

wow | Reviewer: Mezmerized | 7/3/09

ok for the dumbass who thinks that SOAD is liberals and socialists u should really know your shit. SOAD has even said that they have no political party they dont go to either sides. Idk how the hell you got liberalism in this song? ur a dumbass

u are wrong | Reviewer: jesus | 6/2/09

actually the member of the band who wrote this song wasnt talking about the media his girlfriend was at the Tienanmen square massacre and she was killed and when he says "im just sitting in my car and waiting for my girl" he was refering to the instance where he was litteraly sitting in his car and waiting to pick up his girlfriend only to find that she was dead

Politics... | Reviewer: Ishan | 4/28/09

SOAD show their liberal ideas through this song.they oppose the Chinese who helps their government because of socialistic views.SOAD kicks the Tiananmen square cos it is a great monument of Chinese revolution.His girl seems Chinese and he is sad cos she was hipnotized by the socialism.Through every word they shows this.
"They disguised it, hypnotized it
Television made you buy it "
they are socialists.SOAD refuses even the word
they(by blaming on them)
he ensures that girl was his.and he was sitting in his car.<liberalism>,I like the song hate the idea.

i think i know | Reviewer: alejos15@msn.com | 10/7/08

i think that when meaing of the prase"im just sitting in my car" it like sayin that we all just sit around n do shit n believe everythin the propaganda people want us to believe..n that bull shit...i like this song...

I wish they could have elaborated | Reviewer: Monique from L.A. | 10/6/08

I agree with some of the other comments. The song starts with a fantastic verse then faded off. That said, I still GET the lyrics I just wish they would have elaborated more. They are talking about all the BS that people have bought into about our nation or the United States. How people believed the lies about the War in Iraq. How easy it was to HYNOTIZE everyone (and still is) into the crap we are now facing today is... 700 billion dollars. The girl is really only used as a metaphor. She symbolizes something although because they didnt elaborate it may be hard to decipher. Also the fashion thing.. well Millinialls... go figure... Stuck on stupid instead of on the things that are truly important.

Don't get it... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/08

I like the song but it leaves you unsatisfied. Half of the lyrics are him in his car waiting for his girl. It has such a promising start and then leaves you flat.

Alot of their songs have a "language barrier" problem. But I usually get it. Overall a good band.

i LOVE this songg=]] | Reviewer: im coool =] | 12/8/07

this song is madd goodd=]]
i love itt. So does this guy that i like [david]
yeaa hes hawwtt. lol i love system of A Downnn
there amazingly awesomee. hahah
bye byee

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