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Muse Hyper Chondriac Music Lyrics

Last updated: 11/08/2011 10:00:00 AM

Golden lies feed my role
This forgotten space race under my control
Who's returned from the dead?
Who remains?

You wanted more than I was worth
You think I was scared and you needed proof
Who really cares anymore?
Who restrains?

I don't love you and I never did
I don't love you and I never will

Thanks to James Tyler for submitting Hyper Chondriac Music Lyrics.

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Great Mellow Space Rock | Reviewer: Museismyfavoriteband | 11/6/11

I think I like this version better than the alternative Hyper Music. It's a really great song that makes you think, I always think of space and stuff like that and I think that's how Matt intended it to sound

Muse is the M in Music

No idea | Reviewer: Parorou | 1/24/11

I've never had a hint of what this song may exactly be about, but there's one thing that amazes me a little.
When you listen to the rock version of this song (Hyper Music), you can't help but feel angry at the singer in the "(You know that) I don't want/love you and I never did! I don't want/love you, and I never will!" part, like he's a total jerk who toyed with someone else's feelings. But in Hyper Chondriac Music, this same verse changes completely with the melancholic, sad music. This time, it feels like he's apologizing to this person, that he's really sorry that he toyed with her and feels like, well, a jerk.
What a music change can do to the lyrics, huh?

More correctly about the relations | Reviewer: Miwsher | 1/11/10

Actually, The Hullaboo Soundtrack (featuring Hyper Chondriac Music) was recorded and released AFTER Origin of Symmetry (featuring Hyper Music). The mellow, atmospheric version came AFTER the regular alternative rock version.

Relations | Reviewer: timtheblueman | 1/4/10

So the reason why Hyper Chondriac Music has the same lyrics as Hyper Music, is because they are the same song. When it was written and put on Hullabaloo, Matthew Bellamy decided he wanted a spacey mellow sound. Then he decided to write Origin of Symmetry and decided to write a fast paced symmetrical version of Hyper Chondriac Music. So they lobbed off the Chrondriac and it described the songs momentum. Thus it became Hyper Music. It just shows that in every medium there is a symmetrical balance.

Kind of the same.... | Reviewer: Steph | 1/20/08

As far as I know, "hyper chondriac music" is an acoustic more mellow version of "hyper music". I think it was on there album "hullabaloo".

Muse are better than chocolate!

Same? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/08

Does anyone know why the lyrics to Hyper Music and Hyper Chondriac Music are the same, are they related to eachother in any way, to tell a story, or just because they wanted two versions of one song?

Muse Rocks | Reviewer: Matthew | 7/11/07

Just Beautiful!!! Awesome lyrics, awesome music, awesome voice.

just perfect | Reviewer: leandrO | 5/5/07

I love every single muse lyric from the 1st to the last album..

from the "slow" ones.. this is the one I prefer the most... matt rulz.. his voice's aaaawesomeee


touching | Reviewer: Leigh Brady | 3/7/07

beautiful, eerie, touching. This song can stir the devil's soul. Matt delivers the lyrics in such a slow and deliberate manner, his wails and cries touching our hearts.