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Hurt is a band born of extremes. Lead
singer/violinist/guitarist/arranger J. Loren Wince grew up
in the backwoods of Culpeper, VA. His parents exposed him
to ample doses of gospel and classical music, but rock and
roll was banned. Not so for drummer Evan Johns: the son of
famed rock producer/engineer Andy Johns (Led Zeppelin,
Rolling Stones, Van Halen), he was raised in Southern
California among rock's elite and began playing drums early

The forbidden inevitably begets curiosity and eventually J.
Loren not only discovered rock More...

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Review about Hurt songs
Made me cry... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Danse Russe performed by Hurt

I knew about HURT 3 years ago. I didn't pay much attention to other songs... Just to Rapture but with my band we made a cover of Rapture and I discovered this amazing song. I love the Connect Set EP version because of the violin... It's so fucking beautiful it made me fucking cry, haha. If I ever get married I want to dance this song with the woman I marry.

Danse Russe | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Danse Russe performed by Hurt

Thanks to my 18 year old son, Joe Shawcroft I have grown to love Hurt. This song is one of my favourites..Joe has recently played and sung this song at a charity gig and I was completely blown away!

Don't Be So Literal | Reviewer: Joe
    ------ About the song Rapture performed by Hurt

This song (i.e. poem) is an allegory. Yes, it depicts the horror of a woman murdering her child born out of wedlock with a godless father, because she heard the voice of Jesus telling her it was the right thing to do. And that meaning is far too obvious and straightforward to stand alone.

From an atheist's perspective, this is allegorical to trying to lead someone you love into liberation from their religion, and no sooner than they "see the light," they turn around and re-embrace (are "born again") their faith out of fear. Freedom is born of their love in this song, freedom gestating within her, and then she murders it because "she thought she heard the voice of Jesus."

Perhaps I'm reading more into it than is there, but then that's the beauty of poetry.

Rapture | Reviewer: Mina
    ------ About the song Rapture performed by Hurt

Although the song never refers to it, lyrics like 'it looked like me' and discussion on how the love was wrong imply to me that the woman was married to another man. Children born out of wedlock are wrong according to many religions, but adultery is also a huge mark. The song, to me, seems like a man is singing about the married woman he fell in love with and impregnated, and she couldn't live with her sin and the fact that she bore a child who looked like her lover (rather than her husband).

a less literal interpretation | Reviewer: Katie
    ------ About the song House Carpenter performed by Hurt

I agree with that interpretation but considering Rapture I also have to wonder if the object of his affections here has to necessarily be a nun who is more literally "married to Jesus." In Rapture his relationship with that woman was complicated by her religion, which almost prevented them from having a relationship at all. If this song is sort of about the same thing, it could be that the woman isn't exactly a nun but is so wrapped up in her religion that she might as well be, especially if the man/speaker in the song is an atheist or believes in some other's possible that she wouldn't allow them to have a relationship because of it.

Rapture | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rapture performed by Hurt

Obviously the man is atheist, he was in love with a born again christian woman, and she felt the relationship was unholy/wrong, and during unsafe sex they had a bastard child, who the woman said Jesus told her was wrong to allow to live, so she killed it after walking into it's room, kissing it and singing a prayer. Much to the man's horror. And obviously when it was alive it resembled the man thus the lyrics "And one more thing, it looked like me, back when it breathed, rest in peace. Until the rapture...comes to meet us." this song is so hard core, even though I am christian, I feel that it was sad that the woman killed the baby... she could've... I dunno come up with some alternative, had it baptized or something.

meaning, IMO | Reviewer: Katie
    ------ About the song Rapture performed by Hurt

It's written from the perspective of an atheist man in a relationship with a born-again Christian woman. They love each other, but she feels their relationship is wrong, likely because they're having sex outside of marriage, or maybe because he doesn't believe in God.

They get pregnant and keep the baby. But after the baby is born, she kills it, much to the father's horror. She believed that God told her she should kill the baby, but the father is obviously horrified and mourns his lost child.

I get the sense that he's still in love with the mother, but directs his anger to her god and her religion instead. We also don't know if they're still together, or if she's still alive.

A masterpiece | Reviewer: Billy Blake
    ------ About the song House Carpenter performed by Hurt

This is a fantastic song. I may be mistaking, but I do believe that the lyrics are about a man who is in love with a nun. And thus he suffers from his not being able to be with her, cause she is now a bride to a house carpenter, i.e. Jesus Christ. We all know that Jesus used to be a carpenter. I think that does make sense.

I fuckin love this song | Reviewer: Selina
    ------ About the song Danse Russe performed by Hurt

This is such a good song an my boyfriend is soooooo into hurt he plays the guitar an when he plays this song it just makes me think of how much he means to me an how much i love him. This song is amazing.

Duh | Reviewer: Ryan
    ------ About the song Rapture performed by Hurt

It talks about a woman that kills her already-born child:

So she walked in the baby's room
Knowing what she should do leave me in
Absolute horror
She put her hand on its lip she gave it
One last kiss
And sang some tune that went

On a side note, this was inspired by a woman that actually killed her son. She thought that "God was telling her to do it"

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