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Hurt is a band born of extremes. Lead singer/violinist/guitarist/arranger J. Loren Wince grew up in the backwoods of Culpeper, VA. His parents exposed him to ample doses of gospel and classical music, but rock and roll was banned. Not so for drummer Evan Johns: the son of famed rock producer/engineer Andy Johns (Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Van Halen), he was raised in Southern California among rock's elite and began playing drums early on.

The forbidden inevitably begets curiosity and eventually J. Loren not only discovered rock music but found it the ideal expression for his pent-up emotions. Evan heard an early demo, thanks to an associate of his dad's, and soon joined him in Hurt, along with bassist Josh Ansley and guitarist Paul Spatola.

"Rapture," the lead single, examines the twisted logic that religious zeal can engender, leading to a chilling outcome for the young couple portrayed. A guitar strums ominously, then is joined by a chugging rhythm section that propels the song forward to its fatalistic conclusion while Wince's vocals slide up and down an emotional Richter scale, matter-of-fact delivery yielding to fearsome growl and ebbing to a hushed near-whisper. Musically, it's a dizzying display of ying and yang, as is Vol. 1 as a whole. Delicate guitar work and serene symphonic passages swirl into a fury of raw, explosive rock and guttural vocals and circle round to a fragile beauty that is then quickly crushed. Vol. 1's lush string arrangements may call to mind a time when arena bands incorporated classical influences to bombastic effect - but Hurt, with its irregular time signatures and post-industrial sensibility, is not out to create Bic-lighter anthems but to plumb the depths of a single shattered soul.

Vol. 1 was produced by Eric Greedy.

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HURT band is the best! | Reviewer: Victoria Taillon | 8/28/09

All I know is that my husband have never found a band we consistently liked as well as Hurt! I actually began listening to them after first hearing "Rapture," and I encouraged my husband to attend a concert with me for the first time we had actually even GONE to a concert in many years. And my husband had not wanted to go to any concerts by "newer" bands--he is old school--Alice Cooper is the last concert we attended. Okay, so I dragged him to the Hurt concert becaue I liked them so much. Well, turns out HE is the one who now cannot say enough about them--it is almost like we are groupies--and we are 52 years old!

my #1 band | Reviewer: Caleb Hackbarth | 5/20/09

when i first heard them, my oldest brother was listening to them, i dont know how he came to know about em but he listened to their songs when he was driving and i happened to be with him... i had heard them before and didnt like them, after riding with my brother around for a while i really listened to the lyrics and rythems and whatnot. summers lost and abuse of sid were the first songs we listened to. from then on i have listened to Hurt nearly every single day. no lie. that was two years ago and i still cant listen enough. their music is simply amazing, beautiful, and out of this friggin world. Hurt rocks.

I can't get enough of this band | Reviewer: Krystle | 9/15/07

I first heard of HURT when I bought tickets to see my favorite band of all time, Alice in Chains, back in 2006. I saw they were one of the opening bands so I decided to check out their music. After downloading a few songs I was completely addicted. I went out the next day and bought their album, Vol. 1, and listened to it for hours upon hours. J. Loren's voice is so beautiful and haunting. The music behind the voice is intense ... beautiful ... haunting. The lyrics are amazingly beautiful and filled with emotion. I recommend this band to anyone and everyone. Once you hear them for the first time you will be compelled to listen again. Seeing them live is truly an amazing experience. They have become my second favorite band. That's not an easy thing to accomplish when a band like Alice in Chains stands at number 1. Their album, Vol. 2, drops September 25, 2007. It's one of the most anticipated albums of 2007. I have already pre-ordered mine. Check them out. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. You won't be disappointed.

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