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MC Lars Horris Hurricane Fresh Lyrics

Last updated: 08/29/2006 11:00:00 AM

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Oh snap, you know this track is fly, so get crunked up and don't ask why.
Post-rap, post-punk, post-Kurt Cobain, post Kool Moe Dee post-House of Pain.
Chuck D told me I had to be me so I bought the Public Enemy CD.
I ripped one track in .mp3, "Till Lars Ulrich came after me.
I said, "It's me your lost nephew", he said, "No way, that can't be true."
I kicked him with my Converse shoe all the way to Timbuktu.
Of Wolf and Ulrich, Sad But True, he lived there for a year or two.
He mastered Puppetry alone, justice for Sean Fanning clones.

Now that's fresh. Now that's fresh, that's fresh (get fresh).
Now that's fresh, that's fresh (I get fresh).
Now that's fresh, that's fresh (get fresh). Now that's fresh.,

My Dad's named Bob, he toured with me, when a UK label put out my CD.
I got mad props from the BBC, but hip-hop heads still don't get me.
So I take a chance, I rhyme white but so what? I like James Brown and Beyonce's butt.
Whatever your race I'll Friendster you and rent two Spike Lee NetFlix too.
And I still rock shows and try to dance, still rock Simpsons underpants.
And I still like Rush and Dr. Dre. I still keep bumping N.W.A.
I get fresh on the mike like a milkman on duty,
So burn this disco to the ground and baby shake that booty.
I attack the track like a Steve Segal movie. 3D fresh, not 2D fruity.

[Repeat Chorus]

05 so live, I've been doing this for years,
making money 'cause I'm funny with this music of the spheres.
And I dance! Hey, watch me dance.
Goofy MC's can't be me even if they had the chance.
Pondora have you seen Persephone?
Hades rabies got me going like KRS-ONE.
Why is that? (I don't know) MC's act like they don't know.
I poison this track with a Scorpion flow.

Because I rock the mike like a hurricane.
Because I rock the mike like a hurricane.
Because I rock the mike like a hurricane.
Because I rock the mike, hurricane fresh!)


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