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Among the many extraordinary things about Hunter Hayes, the
nineteen-year-old singer, songwriter, producer and
multi-instrumentalist, perhaps what is most astonishing is
that in truth, he’s just getting started. And it is that
fact which holds the promise of Hunter Hayes becoming one
of the most significant musical talents to emerge, not just
from Nashville, but from anywhere, in a long, long time.

Already, he has accomplishments beyond most musicians
wildest dreams: Singing “Jambalaya” with Hank Williams Jr.
in front of 200,000 More...

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Review about Hunter Hayes songs
missing out on what i miss | Reviewer: Ashley Rude
    ------ About the song Rainy Season performed by Hunter Hayes

I love this song completely. My boyfriend and I had just broken up and i miss him. To get over the heartbreak, i listened to this song and i realized i will be okay. Thank you hunter hayes. Without your music, i never wouldve been able to get through the breakup. Keep writing music and youre awsome. Thank you again and God bless you.

I <3 this song!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Want Crazy performed by Hunter Hayes

Soo this song reminds me of this guy.... He likes me I like him but he's moving soon. So he won't "date" me... I mean we act like we are dating and I honestly can't get enough of his love. But yeah.... Like we act like we are a couple. He wraps his arms around me and holds me tight, he makes me feel safe. I want to call him mine... I want him to call me his.

I heart it | Reviewer: Emmy
    ------ About the song Where We Left Off performed by Hunter Hayes

I love this song because it shows how our soldiers feel. I've had so many family members go out to war, so I know a lot about how we all feel when we say goodbye. Yes, it is emotional. Yes, it is scary. But somewhere, while they're gone, we keep it in our minds that they will be back and we will pick up Where We Left Off. This song symbolizes that so well.

BEST SONG EVER | Reviewer: Hope Layla
    ------ About the song Wanted performed by Hunter Hayes

This song is an amazing songgggg(; i listen to every single second of the day even during class:)! and it will be my next relationship song!!! keep writing songs like this!!(: this is where you shine!!!!<<<<<333 btw... i did my school project on you:) <<<<3333

Amazed | Reviewer: Hope Lynn
    ------ About the song Wanted performed by Hunter Hayes

To me 'Wanted' is an amazing love song that I adore listening to. I play it in the car often and at home on my computer and stereo. It talks about what one girl can mean to a guy and that's something I also love about it. And thankyou Hunter for giving me and my boyfriend our first love song! <33

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