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Release Date: 10/11/2011
Tracks in Hunter Hayes: Storm Warning, Wanted, If You Told Me To, Love Makes Me, Faith To Fall Back On, Somebody's Heartbreak, Rainy Season, Cry With You, Everybody's Got Somebody But Me, What You Gonna Do, More Than I Should, All You Ever, Bonus Tracks, In A Song, I Want Crazy, A Thing About You, Better Than This, Light Me Up

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The only SINGER whom I loved all his songs | Reviewer: Fritzey | 9/2/14

I've listened to different singers and this song and I like only a few songs of them but when it comes to HIM, I loved all his songs, and it lights up my day, as always!
His voice will make someone's fall in love..
I'll always be his fan.


HH is amazung | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/16/14

Hey Hunter Hayes when first herd you sing I was thinking.damn he's a good singer but when I first his song inviable he touche my heart an so many other. He has to be the cutest singer ever in the world I have every thing that sais I LOVE HUNTER HAYES I'm glad he's as far as he did in the world I Just have to say one thing keep up the good work Hunter Hayes

Secretly CRAZY for Hayes | Reviewer: Kennedy | 6/22/14

I had liked Hunter Hayes before secretly and people didn't really know but then when I heard I Want Crazy everything came out. It is my favorite song in the world I listen to it all the time and I am going to play it at my wedding along with every other Hunter Hayes song. I am a huge fan of his and he tought me to be crazy and he is such an inspiration and I can't wait to meet him this fall!

Hunter Hayes Rocks. | Reviewer: Shane B. | 2/6/14

Like Every song on the album especially Storm Warning, Wanted, I Want Crazy, In a Song, and Invisible. That song really inspires me because I was misunderstood a lot in school. I can't believe that people would misunderstand you with your great talent. Keep writing cool songs and can't wait to hear your new album in May. Hope to meet you some day at a concert.

Hunter Hayes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/14

Like the Album. Like every single song on there especially Storm Warning, Wanted, I Want Crazy, and In a Song. Can't wait until I here the new album. Your song invisible really inspires me since I was also misunderstood in my school years. Keep up the good work Hunter, you have a lot of passion for music. Keep writing cool songs.

I LOVE YOU<3 | Reviewer: Grace sutherland | 1/16/14

I love you same birth date mine is September 9 2002 I'm listening to your song wanted your such a cutie and thanks for the song wanted there is nothing I do with out you I love you I am going to cry now.

Nick names for. Me. Greasy grace. Amazing grace. Grapes. Greasy lips

Hunter makes us feel Wanted | Reviewer: Lauren (hayes) | 12/1/13

Hunter Hayes has blown all of us away with his song wanted. Its has left girls crying. Every girl wants to feel wanted and Hunter tells us that he wants us to feel wanted. Everyone can agree that HUNTER HAYES IS HOT!!!!!!!!! and he has a great voice. He is AMAZING and Wanted is AMAZING too i can't wait for more songs later in the future.

I luv u hunter | Reviewer: Nicole | 11/21/13

U r the best singer ever!!!! And people r just jerks wen the say they hate u!!!!! U r so inspirational and because of u I have forced myself learn GUITAR, BASE, DRUMS, VIOLIN, PIANO, TRUMPET, FLUTE, AND I PLAY MANY MORE FLUENTLY!!!!!! I hav written many songs too and my dream is to hav u sing one of them

Best Album Ever | Reviewer: Hailey Nichols | 9/26/13

For Starters I loved Hunter for a long time!! I went to his concert in Chehalis, Wa. It was amazing! i love him so much. I touched his hand and I cried really bad. The thing is i just want him to stay strong to the haters and keep up the hard work! Cant wait to hear more!

beautiful man <3 | Reviewer: anonymous | 9/25/13

When I first heard the song "wanted" I instantly fell in love. "I want crazy is another one of my favorites. I just saw you at the bloom fair and you looked damn sexy when you were dancing all over the stage. You are sooo amazing and all your songs are so meaningful and I can listen to them over and over again and never get tired of it. You truely are amazing mr. hayes. Don't you ever stop singing, you really do touch peoples hearts with your amazing talent. I FREAKING LOVE YOU HUNTER HAYES. ALWAYS AND FOREVER <3

Wanted | Reviewer: Shelby Mitchell | 9/7/13

I like this song because it is a good song and I love it that I sang with it and it was awsome song ever and it wont get out of my head and I love his voice and it is awsome that I want to marry him and kiss him all over and I love his voice and i love you and dont ever forget that Hunter Hayes and please if you want to come to great falls and have sex with me I would love it and my address is 4100 3rd ave south and I love you and come have sex with me and we can go do it some where else and we can love eacnother somewhere eles

Best Singer of all times | Reviewer: Madison | 7/16/13

When i first heard his album I was at a loss for words. He has changed me just with his music without him even knowing. Only if he was able to see this I would want him to know he is the best singer of all times and he has gone so far. I'm proud of him.

Amazing | Reviewer: Jade | 7/9/13

When i first heard Hunter's music I fell in love. I was amazed at how well the music related to me. Now you can definitely count me as a Biggest Fan! I've never been in love with an entire album! Keep going Hunter, you will do and make amazing things in your life and i hope that one day I'll have the privilege to meet you!

Hunter Hayes | Reviewer: Morgan | 4/24/13

When I first heard his song "wanted" on the radio I feel in love. I am the most biggest fan of his! I absolutely love him! I love every single song ever song by him! When I listen to the songs I feel more relaxed. He always puts a smile on my face!

Best Male Country Singer In The World | Reviewer: DeAnna | 4/15/13

I am a die hard country fan, and I have to say Hunter Hayes is the best I have herd in a long long time. He is also the cutest guy I think I have ever seen. So I cant wait for more of his music in the future and you can count on it that I will be the first to buy his new cd when it comes out. Hopefully I can see him in concert sometime soon. I <3 you Hunter Hayes.

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