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The Fray Hundred Lyrics

Last updated: 04/06/2011 11:00:00 AM

The how I can't recall
now I'm staring at what once was the wall
Separating east and west
Now they meet amidst the broad daylight

So this is where you are, and this is where I am
Somewhere between unsure and a hundred

It's hard I must confess
now I'm banking on the rest to clear away
Cause we have spoken everything
Everything short of I love you

You're right where you are, from right where I am
Somewhere between unsure and a hundred
somewhere between unsure and a hundred

And who's to say it's wrong
And who's to say that it's not right
Where we should be for now

So this is where you are, and this is where I am
So this is where you are, and this is where I've been
Somewhere between unsure and a hundred

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My understanding | Reviewer: Joe | 4/6/11

As Kestrel said, Hundred does seem to reference the falling of the Berlin Wall. But when I went back and looked at all that happened; from the building of the wall, until it was torn down, I saw this song differently than just a reference to a moment in world history. This song to me, represents overcoming obstacles and diversity. Being able to decide what is right for you, no matter what everyone else is saying or doing. Being free to hear the still, small voice in each of us, that is audible if you are completely still and calm. Being able to meditate, with no interference or distractions from the outside, even just for a few moments.

reference in the song | Reviewer: Kestrel | 3/14/09

The beginning of the song seems to be talking about the fall of the Berlin Wall.

"now I'm staring at what once was the wall
that separated east and west
Now they meet amidst the broad daylight"

Berlin was separated into east and west after WWII. The eastern half of the city unfortunately found itself behind the Iron Curtain, and when the wall finally fell, the city was reunited.

Now, East Berlin and West Berlin "meet amidst the broad daylight," as the song says.

My take on Hundred | Reviewer: MDW | 3/12/09

To me Hundred is about to unlikely people in a relationship. In fact they are near opposites. He doesn't know how they got to the palce they are but he see's that they are there, the walls/barriors have been broken down and he now looks at the place they are as a common ground. They have made tremendous strides, they have said so many things to each other, have had endless deep conversations, eveything feels right, but they have not expresses their love for one another. I think they are receiving pressure from people around them. Despite what others may think, or what they themselves may think of whether or not they are a "good fit" for each other, they are where they are. Who's to say is't wrong, who's to say that it's not right? Sometimes there are no rights and wrongs when it comes to two people falling in love. People are always going to have their opinion. Maybe they are right where they should be for now...for them, for their own pace/progress. In between unsure and a hundred---unsure because of the unlikelihood of the realationship progressing/working out but at a hundred becasue of their deep feelings for one another. They are still considering both extremes.

2/13/09 | Reviewer: Marisa hughes | 2/13/09

im currently trying to learn the paino part to the opening of this song and its impossible it figure out! my favorite thing about this song is as do the notes it reminds me that clashing can be beautiful. and when it does, in its simplicity and unique nature is unforgettable. amazing job on the vocals isacc i cant wait to hear more!

Hundred | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/08

To me this is a song about 2 people in love - but are seperated- and rarely spent time together... maybe them finally being together and realising how hard it really will be.
Iv just gone through the same thing...
"This is where you are, this is where i am"
saying shes there, and hes here.

"Whos to say its wrong,
whos to say that its not right
where we should be right now"
could be 2 different things -
people having opinions about their long distance relationships (whos to say its wrong?)
and hes trying to say, he wants to be with her, no matter how hard it is. but he knows how hard it is, and his mind is trying to take over his heart
"and this is where i am,
somewhere between unsure and a hundred"

hundred | Reviewer: Gary Manetje | 12/27/08

"The Fray" everything about this band's music is so pure,creative and emotional,the vocal style that Isaac deliver their lyrics with is amazing,can't wait 4 their nxt album,hundred is a beautiful,but most of all i luv "look after you" lol it makes me want 2 look after somebody with everything i have in me,the luv.

Remarkable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/08

This song is amazing. It describes exactly this situation between me and this guy. He and I really liked each other. But of course there were people telling me that he was no good for me. That's why when I heard this part of the song,"And who's to say it's wrong. And who's to say that it's not right where we should be for now" I just broke down. This is such a beautiful song. That is so fitting to my situation. Unfortunately,we don't talk anymore. I miss him terribly.

:) | Reviewer: Jennifer | 9/28/08

This is a nice song, It's really Pretty. I don't think there's one song of the fray's that I don't like. Good Job you guys! And keep making more music.


hundred | Reviewer: diana | 12/27/07

This song being utterly in depth & beautiful is the very least you can say for it. I really think this song is the lead up to Vienna. The lyrics fit together so well.. Vienna is just the after math of Hundred. "i'm staring at what once was the wall, that seperated east & west, now they meet amidst the broad daylight" this creates very beautiful, vivid imagery in the mind. Not many songs can do that well, or at all.

Beautiful | Reviewer: maria | 7/28/07

This song is AWESOME! This beautifully written song expresses so much feeling and depth. I love it so much!