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Van Halen Humans Being Lyrics

Last updated: 11/12/2012 08:25:50 AM

There is just enough Christ in me
To make me feel almost guilty
Is that why God made us bleed
To make us see we're Humans Being?

You break this, I'll break all that
You break my balls with all your crap
Spread your disease like lemmings breeding
That's what makes us Humans Being

Shine on, shine on
Shine on, shine on

(Guitar Solo)

Yeah! Some low life flat head scum infects
The sickness in his eyes reflects
You wonder why your life is screaming
Wonder why we're Humans Being

Shine on, shine on
Shine on, shine on

(Guitar Solo)

Humans, Humans Being
We're just Humans (That's what makes us)
Humans Being (That's what makes us)
We're just humans (That's what makes us)
Humans Being (That's what makes us) We're just humans (That's what makes us)
Humans Being (That's what makes us)
Humans Being!
We're just humans (That's what makes us)
Humans Being (That's what makes us)
Humans Being!

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Humans Being | Reviewer: Scott | 11/10/12

This is one bad ass song.The words,the guitar,its all great.I play this alot and it never gets old.EVH,you r the greatest of all time.Thank you for the inspiration you have sent aronnd the world with your guitar playing.

One of the greatest solos ever composed and played | Reviewer: gündüz06 | 9/27/10

I usually listen to the virtuoso players like Satriani, Michael Angelo, Blues Sraceno and taht kind of stuff which is mostly isntrumental. Yet there is something more in Halen's style which makes him unique. There is a dark side agony and ecstacy all together. I Think He is the Dart Vader of all the guitar players. He is both a sith and Jedi.
Keep on rocking Eddie Both in here and afterlife!!!

Van Halen! | Reviewer: Lexi | 2/26/10

My sister and I always had a thing for storms and tornados when we were younger. We would always watch the storms as they would roll in & stand out in our garage while they were happening. When the movie "Twister" came out we went out and bought it and fell in love with it we would constantly watch it and this song caught my attention. I wasnt much for the headbanging screaming kind of thing but this song really seemed too stick in my head. A few months ago I was watching the movie on t.v. and this song came on in the part of the movie and I was sitting at my computer and instantly googled and youtubed this song. I just couldn't stop listening too it!

Van Halen Rockkks! <3

rockin' on | Reviewer: bolo | 10/9/09

man after stoping by the local hastings store I happen to run into the movie "Twister" and that is when I remembered the song "Humans Being". I asked the lady If she had it in. And after 30 Minutes of waiting she finally Brought it out. And as soon as I got home I put it in the C.D. player, turned it up to full bass. And I swear I nearlly cried how awsome it sounded at full bass.Man, you just can't beat the sound of the best rock and roll band of all time.VanHalen youguys just keep it rocking because the world just wouldn't be the same without your music.

Your bigest fan,
P.S.-you guys are the kings of rock and roll no matter what people say.

Lord Eddie | Reviewer: Chuck | 7/26/08

Again, Lord Eddie proves why he is, indeed, one of the greatest of all time. Right from the opening riff, to those played between the first two verses... Not to forget the little arrpegio. The solo is orgasmic, really - the way it builds up and ends with YEEEEEEEEEAH.
Truly amazing. Van Halen at their bloody best.
Lord Eddie.

Humans Lovin' | Reviewer: Krisy Thomas | 11/25/07

I have loved this song forever, But i could never make out some of the lyrics, and now its so much more fun to atually be able to sing along. Va halen is one of the best bands, and their song "Humans Being" is one of my favorites!

Thanx a Billion - Peace OUT and ROK ON!