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Lacuna Coil Humane Lyrics

Last updated: 05/04/2014 06:41:26 AM

You walk on by
without feeling to your stroll

You walk alone

it's just another contradiction
You're not alone

There's a place
you've run away
that is in your heart
it is in your heart

In your heart
You'll love again

There's a place to be afraid
There's another chain to hold
and you don't know

You need it by your side
just let him know

Your hell is when you dream
and I'm awake

Look into your heart
Deep into your heart

In your heart
You'll love again

There is none for
Love is not afraid

In your heart
You'll love again

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Amazing song | Reviewer: Seraphim | 3/18/11

Lacuna's music is so beautiful. I often fail to appreciate that the lyrics are commonly rather simple, but sung with every possible ounce of emotion that could ever be conveyed.

There sound is timeless, and the tracks are those rare sorts that you could listen time and time again... and only fall more in love with them.

Another Mindblowing Beauty. | Reviewer: InLoveWithAWhore | 2/26/11

Once again, Lacuna have written another amazing piece. What I love about this song, and this band, is the fact that they are so, down to Earth.

They write with true emotions and experiences. I can't pin one certain event that lead to the writing of this song by the band but I'm sure it is relevant to each and every one of the band members.

My interpretation of this song is dark, solemn love. Almost as if one is in love with someone, but they do not love them back. And the regret that they feel, perhaps from doing nothing, perhaps from being themselves.

I know that this interpretation is relevant to me, and many others. But hey, each to their own.

I'm proud to say that I've been a Lacuna fan for the past 10 years, and I prefer the older albums.

Long Live Lacuna! An inspiration to many. <3