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Derdian Human Reset Lyrics

Last updated: 07/24/2014 05:04:00 AM

What a day for a prophecy
Resetting what ? theme song
Intersounds so nicely
? the sides
Wants to be my world
Quick to keep my love
Run above the indecision, the ?
Oh, you can't touch me, the Providence
Will it take enough to leave Mother Nature?

Nothing can take off the night, the day I will capitulate
You said my cradelized eyes someday I'll spread the fight
Songs in the coasting were spread, head on ? ready this graal
Everybody will advent

? and ? will slip down under a strange adherent attack
? abduction survived, they can't control the field of Gheed
All to hell, once we allude we're there
Maybe the end of planet's heart
(Only stars the way to use the sky)
And days are chasing right on insidious ?
(The abundant infesting)
(They come here just to destroy your mind)
Bending the space and they come to protect us
Run from the human reset!