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Hughes Turner Project Biography

Last updated: 12/06/2003 03:00:24 AM

Related Artist: Glenn Hughes

GLENN HUGHES and JOE LYNN TURNER, two living legends, both ex-DEEP PURPLE, both remarkable vocalists. These two internationally renowned musicians, combined, have sold more than 15 million albums!

GLENN HUGHES started his more than just successful career at the age of 16. With TRAPEZE, together with MEL GALLEY (who later worked with WHITESNAKE), and the drummer DAVE HOLLAND (of JUDAS PRIEST fame), he became world renowned.

In 1973, DEEP PURPLE's JON LORD and IAN PAICE asked him to join them. Both BURN and STORMBRINGER mark the highlight of DEEP PURPLE's own rock style.

After that, GLENN HUGHES started his tour through the "Who's Who" of rock: BLACK SABBATH, GARY MOORE, JOHN NORUM, GEORGE LYNCH, backing vocals with WHITESNAKE, XYZ, MÖTLEY CRÜE and LYNCH MOB, not counting his numerous, extremely successful solo projects!

JOE LYNN TURNER's first successful band was FANDANGO. None other than RITCHIE BLACKMORE lured him to join RAINBOW. TURNER established himself as one of the very best rock vocalists in the world. He sang on YNGWIE MALMSTEEN's million seller Odyssey as well as on DEEP PURPLE's album Slaves & Masters. Besides that, he sang for BILLY JOEL, CHER, MICHAEL BOLTON, JOHN WAITE, and numerous others. He went on tour with PAT BENATAR, NIGHTRANGER and LOVERBOY.

HTP is a UNIQUE project, resulting in a UNIQUE album with UNIQUE musicians and with songs more than just highly above average. It is almost impossible to name certain songs. You Can't Stop Rock'n'Roll hits with its grand guitar sound and the high speed solo of guest musician PAUL GILBERT (MR.BIG, RACER X). JOHN SYKES (THIN LIZZY, BLUE MURDER, WHITESNAKE) sparkles on Heaven's Missing An Angel. AKIRA KAJIAMA, guitarist of JOE LYNN TURNER's solo band, plays guitar on Ride The Storm.

What we have here is a mile stone in the history of ROCK! An absolute must for all fans of good and honest down to earth rock music!

The great success of the debut album was followed by a tour of Japan in May 2002 and due to the immense reviews, a LIVE album was recorded in Tokyo. This release includes classic titles by DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW, besides original HTP material and songs from JOE and GLENN's Solo releases.

Later the same year, the musical power of these two heroes of rock was experienced again during their extensive tour of Europe in September and October of 2002.

2003 saw the the ultimate in follow-up releases, II reached new heights and is not just a repeat formula - it exudes modern rock, yet keeps the classic rock feel! With a wider audience now in reach, it promises to propel Hughes Turner Project to even greater heights.