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Alice Cooper How You Gonna See Me Now Lyrics

Last updated: 01/18/2014 02:29:39 PM

[Alice Cooper / Bernie Taupin / Dick Wagner]

Dear darlin' surprised to hear from me?
Bet you're sittin' drinkin' coffee, yawnin' sleepily
Just to let you know
I'm gonna be home soon
I'm kinda awkward and afraid
Time has changed your point of view

How you gonna see me now
Please don't see me ugly babe
'Cause I know I let you down
In oh so many ways
How you gonna see me now
Since we've been on our own
Are you gonna love the man
When the man gets home

Listen darlin' now I'm heading for the west
Straightened out my head but my old heart is still a mess
Yes I'm worried honey
Guess that's natural though
It's like I'm waiting for a welcome sign
Like a hobo in the snow


And just like the first time
We're just strangers again
I might have grown out of style
In the place I've been
And just like the first time
I'll be shakin' inside
When I walk in the door
There'll be no place to hide


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I have missing part of my brain | Reviewer: Tim Gra | 1/17/14

In 1983 had bike wreck , been in side to no fun , I do stuff not a were of , hurt peps feeling s not trying , my thoughts are very dark , I HATE satan , for he trys to mess with me , some day's I get so bad wish I was not born, just don't know how I get though my dayz , but I have Faith in my Father God, to get me to a new day, more than a lot times I just knew I was going to die. People this life it hard we need help from Jesus , ac is born again now, the song in home run , pray believe in God the higher Power, be at peace,

In my top five songs of the seventies | Reviewer: Stuart | 6/1/12

I am a bipolar patient currently on day leave from a tightly secure psychiatric facility in my foreign country (in other words, outside the USA).

This song often keeps me going / sane / others upbeat when we're all in our personal hells. And as any bp knows, these are the seventh circle of HELL.

I believe I can even sing it as well as Al......yeah, in my dreams!!!

For mine, "How....." is the best thing Alice has ever done - even including his Christian gig (God is the other thing that helps get me through the psycho-pokey!!!)

Cheers, world.

bloody pearler | Reviewer: Micheal | 5/14/05

This song is absolutely fantastic... but i can not find the tabs for it anywhere... does anyone have any?