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Sometimes a man has to choose
And do something he doesn't wanna do
Do I live my life with you as my wife
Or do I go on and pursue my lifetime dream
I gotta do this for me
Cause if I don't I'll probably regret it
But if I do I'll probably regret it
How do I cope

How do you cope when
The one you love is with somebody else
And there's nothing you could do about it
How do you deal with
The fact that you had a chance
But you chose to turn away for your career
I gotta take it though it's heartbreakin'
It's something that I had to do
But nobody said that it would hurt so bad
So how do I do I deal without you

It's killing me to know
That your heart's with me
But you're with him cause I chose
To be in this industry
Money, shows, and hoes come along with luxury and pain
Is all you see when you think about it
But this is the life that I was given
So I have to live it to the fullest
But how do I deal in the meantime without you


How do you deal when you can't be with
the one you love but the one you love is
with somebody else
What do you do when you know she don't love him
but she love me but she cant stand lovin' you faraway
you just deal with it,deal with it
(I don't wanna have to live with it)
you just deal with it,deal with it
you just deal with it,deal with it
(I don't want nobody else lovin' you)
you just deal with it,deal with it
(I don't nobody else lovin' me)

[Chorus x2]

How do you cope when
The one you love is with somebody else
And there's nothing you could do about it.......

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Heartbroken | Reviewer: Sam Motu | 5/11/11

I loved ths grrl named papae matautia &n she broke my heart into peices bcos she wentowt wiv my bestfriend Brayden Smith :( she knew i had feelinggs for her buh she chose to walk away frm my heart ! i miss her so much , i love you baby

How To Deal | Reviewer: Antonio | 8/28/10

i was friends with this girl for 4 years and then we start date we was go out for 2 half year and then i jus left to go to skool out of state i still have feel for her but she with somebody else but we still talk all the time we are still in love with each other but i am still in skool i am just about give up everything for her she mean the world to i love her with all my heart i wish i can take bake that day so i can still be with her it hard to let go of some one u love she was my first true love

first love | Reviewer: M. Gonzalez | 7/6/10

So i dated this guy for 4 years since i was 13! Although they say nothing is perfect i really thought that our relationship and what we had was! I thought we'd be together forever! I loved him with all my heart that i would have done anything for him even if it meant to give my life up for him! You'd see us together holding hands and would think they r gonna be together forever! You can just see the love that we had for one another....... so i thought! I never thought how much love can hurt until i experienced it when he cheated on me and got this girl pregnant! I felt the world was gonna stumble down on me i didn't know what to do? I felt on giving up on him and on life but lifes to short so i tried to just cope with it and live life to the fullest as much as i can without showing the pain i had! I tried to win him back but i just couldn't! I couldn't live with the fact that he had cheated on me and was gonna have a baby so i just left him alone! For about 1 year i couldn't stop crying every night for several days and months! I thought i'd never find someone like him or would be happy like i was when i was with him...... but i was completely wrong! After about 10 months i met my husband! We dated for about 3 months fell completely in love and got married! I couldn't be any more bleesed and happier with him! When i listen to this song it reminds me of my first love and makes me realize that because of that experience it has only made me a stronger person and the woman i am today! It don't matter how old you are or how many times you fall in love your true love is out there you just gotta find him and give him time to find you! I'm 19 years old with a wonderful most amazing husband on the earth! If i found mine you can too despite the hardships you have had in your past relationships!

..... | Reviewer: Bear | 5/10/10

so me and the love of my life were dating, and b4 i gpot with her i slept with sum trashy girl. i regret doing it bcuz my whole relatioship with her i told her i didnt sleep with that girl. well i finally decided it was best to quit lying, well when i told her she left me deleted me outta her life pretty much, this song jus brings all those memories back and really no1 said heartbreak would hurt this bad, and everyday i gotta see her with sum guy.

basically screwed :'( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/10

ok so me and my bf have been together for 9 months now and we are both contracted to the Marine Corps. i ship out in less than a month and he ships a few months after that. we want to stay together but we don't want to get married bc we feel it is too soon. i really don't want to lose him. i'm just scared that we won't make it through being so far apart for so long all the time. this song just scares me a little bit. i don't want to make the wrong decision and regret it later. hopefully it'll all work out but if not, i guess it's just the price you pay for being in the military. they always told me i would have to make sacrifices.....

lookin here. | Reviewer: chelsea | 1/5/10

well here goes i love my babi always and for ever spent the last 3 1/2 years with him but hes always gone messin around behind my back and now his messin woth my little cuzin. well she left him for a guy much older and now he wants me back and im srry to say but never again will i go back to hm what we had is lost and i think he just move on.. he should of never did it.. so all you guys out there think 2s cuz you never now what you got till its gone..

memories | Reviewer: jenny | 12/10/09

this song reminds me of wen I was wit my 1st love I knoe I screwed up nd I regret it cuz I miss da times we had 2gether nd ever since I stopped bein in his life he changed da way he was now he's more rebelious nd jst given gurls his # like a lottery ticket nd it gets me so fusturated bcuz he knoes I still have feelings for him nd he adds my friends from myspace nd doesn't even knoe dem nd it gets me mad but I really regret it we were 2gether for 7 months nd im only 14

I Miss You | Reviewer: Chris | 10/28/09

i was engaged to this really great guy and i ended up leaving him when i chose to join the army because i felt he didnt support me. now i really do regret it. i love him and i want to spend the rest of my life with him but he has a new girlfriend who was one of my friends. they got together shortly after i left him while i was in basic training. i really do miss him and i love him more then anything i wish he would come back.

how do u really cope wit it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/09

well me and my bf been together what will be a year next month on the first . but i've been reading some of the other reviews and honestly i just started crying because they all sound like everything was all good but one out of the relationship jux simply choosed something over their lover or had to move on in life ...and i see they really regret it now and this song just makes me think about how much i love myboyfriend i cant see my self loving nobody else or even see nobody else loving me because he is the only one that is on my mind all the time.... i cant even see myself tryin to flirt with nobody else.
sad thing is i told my boyfriend some of this stuff and i tell him all the time i love him with all of my heart but whenever he tells me he wants me to marry him and have his kids one day i just laugh it out as him jux being like other boys but i know dats a lie cuz i know with everything in me he means it and damn it that's much more to me than anything else in the world .....seriously i know people read these things i just hope tht before end up doing something you will regret you will weigh out all of the consequences and understand that real true love only comes one time and no matter who comes after theone you lov they will never have your whole heart after being with the one you knew was meant for you .....that person will always have your heart no matter what lie you tell to cover it just glad i jux realized that even though i knew it all along hold the one you love close to your heart and make sure they know how you truely feel...and dont ever make someone think they have your heart if they really dont because that's just pain that no one deserves

deadly desiree 3`14 .. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/09

this s0ng t0o me is abs0lutely amazingg it brings back de g0od &` bad times with him .. we went thru s0o much, we have a s0n t0gether &` everything we been thru I let g0o t0o start my life fresh s0metimes i regret it but in my heart i kn0w its s0mething i had t0o d0o f0r me .. chris ill always l0ve y0u but i have t0o l0ve myself t0o .. frankiej i l0ve y0ur w0rk :) ..

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