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The Ugly Club How Many Summers Do We Have Left? Lyrics

Last updated: 10/13/2012 11:59:22 AM

How Many Summers Do We Have Left?
Song/Lyrics by R. Egan

You'd better send me away
Cos I'd never quit and it's just too late
Some conversation melts in the rain
I hope to see you again.

Look how slow time seems to heal
Either it's me or you don't even
Feel it.
I guess I'll wait 'til we float towards the ceiling.
I hope to see you in my death.

I am a beast
You made so sure
How long I've adored you
Oh you're thicker than the bones
That have built you
Into space and there's nowhere else.

When you sleep
Do you dream reality?
I wanna know.
Because your life
Is just so far from it.
Bed of nails
Couldn't keep me awake
Once I'm gone.
I'll go but there's nowhere else.

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