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Nina Simone How Long Must I Wonder Lyrics

Last updated: 08/07/2011 11:00:00 AM

In my life I've known lots of sorrow
In my time I've suffered great pain
My poor heart has often been mended
But only to be broken again
As I face each new day ever dreaming
Of a love that will last for all time
I wonder as I often wonder
How long will I wander this time?

As I pause to recall the few good times
My memory grows hazy and dim
Sometimes I can bring back the faces
Of the lovers now gone with the wind
And I face each new day ever searching
For that someone to have for all time
And I know it's impossible
So I wonder as I often wonder
How long will I wander this time?
Oh yes, I wonder as I wonder every night
How long will it be this time?

So you see, life means a journey
Being in show business a suitcase is my only home
Sometimes I grow weary but I don't like to complain
But I'm travelling this road all alone
I may stumble at the crossroads
As I leave all my misery behind
('Cos it's all over for me - no more misery this time)
I wonder as I often wonder
How long - how long - yes, how long must I see the old faces passing before me
How long (takes so long my lord, takes so long my lord)
How l-o-n-g must I wander, will I wander this time?

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Title Discrepancy | Reviewer: Stanley Crosby | 7/28/2007

I am confused about the title you have listed for this song by Nina Simone. Is the title "How Long Must I Wonder?" or "How Long Must I Wander?"

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