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Jefferson Airplane House at Pooneil Corners Lyrics

Last updated: 06/01/2013 05:50:08 PM

You and me, we keep walking around
And we see all the bullshit around us.
You try to keep your mind on what's going down.
Can't help but see the rhinoceros around us.

Then you wonder what you can be
And you do what you can to get bald and high!

And you know I'm still gonna need you around!
And you know I'm still gonna need you around!

You say it's healing, but nobody's feeling it;
Somebody's dealing, somebody's stealing it!
You say you don't see and you don't.
You say you won't know and you won't.
Let it come!

Everything someday will be gone except silence
And Earth will be quiet again!
Seas from clouds will wash off the ashes of violence
Left as the memory of men;
There will be no survivor, my friend!

Suddenly everyone will look surprised,
Stars, spinning wheels in the skies,
Sun is scrambled in their eyes
While the moon circles like a vulture!

Some stood at the window and cried one tear;
I thought that would stop the war!
But someone is...
Killing me!

That's the last hour to think anymore.
Jelly and juice and bubbles, bubbles on the floor!

Castles on cliffs vanish
Cliffs like heaps of rubbish
Seen from the stars hour by hour
As splintered scraps and black powder!

From here to heaven is a scar,
Dead center, deep as death!

All the idiots have left!
The idiots have left!

Cows are almost cooing,
Turtledoves are mooing,
Which is why a pooh is poohing
In the sun.


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Ray Bradbury -- there will come soft rains | Reviewer: Whitey Joe | 6/1/13

This seems to be, for me, a more violent and adamant telling of the Bradbury tale "There will come soft rains", which tells the story of a world, still alive, but only because the automatons are tending house for the absent masters, masters who blew themselves up eons ago.

"Everything some day will be gone except silence" "The seas from clouds will wash off the ashes of violence/There will be no survivors, my friend".

Exactly.... in the aftermath of nuclear holocaust, the dust in the atmosphere will seed the clouds (or seas from clouds?) and "wash off the ashes of violence". The devastation will be utterly complete and inescapable: "there will be no survivors, my friend".

Jefferson Airplane | Reviewer: Nick | 12/18/09

I disagree with the first review! These lyrics are good! I mean if you believe everything they tell us about our world your in a fucked up cloud! Theselyrics are a little far fetched at times! But C'mon Try N Keep Your Mind On Whats Goin Down! America may be the greatest place to live but it should be greater.

Break china cringing | Reviewer: Bells | 5/11/09

This is almost apocolyptic poetry at it's best.
But the music is what delivers this lyric.
Still drug-adled and dopey; but clever anyway.
One of Kantners actual successful pieces.
Freightening when listened to properly.
Not recommended for impressionable people who actually believe this kind of nonsense.

One of the greatest bass songs ever! | Reviewer: Morty | 10/8/07

This is one of the greatest songs, ever! The bass is fantastic, the tune is intoxicatingly rhythmic, and the vocals are powerful and foreshadowed the vocals of Robert Plant a few years later.