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I know a thing about contrition
Because I got enough to spare
And I'll be granting your permission
'Cause you haven't got a prayer

Well I said hey hey hallelujah
I'ma gonna come on sing the praise
So let the spirit come on through ya,
We got innocence for days

Well I think I'm gonna burn in hell
Everybody burn the house right down

And say
What I wanna say
Tell me I'm an angel
Take this to my grave
Tell me I'm a bad man
Kick me like a stray
Tell me I'm an angel
Take this to my grave

S-I-N, I S-I-N
S-I-N, I S-I-N
S-I-N, I S-I-N
S-I-N, I S-I-N

You play ring around the ambulance
Well like you never gave a care
So get the choirboys around you
It's a compliment, I swear

And I said ashes to ashes we all fall down
I wanna hear you sing the praise
I said ashes to ashes we all fall down
We got innocence for days

Well I think I'm gonna burn in hell
Everybody burn the house right down


You better run like the devil'cause they're never gonna leave you alone
You better hide up in the alley 'cause they're never gonna find you a home
And as the blood runs down the walls
You see me creepin' up these halls
I've been a bad motherfucker
Tell yer sister I'm another
Go! Go! Go!


MAN. (x4)

So get up!
So get out!
S-I-N, I S-I-N!

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Stop fighting and apreciate good music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/12

MCR are brilliant band who write excellent songs and have loads of fans. I think this song is amazing and we should all just stop stereotyping and listen to good quality music. MCR have made it very clear what they think of the emo stereotype. MCR= BRILLIANT alternative rock band not suicidal emo band

its not emo | Reviewer: ryuzaki | 12/29/11

i think this song is awsome its about making youre oun decision in life if you want to be good youlle go to heven and if you do bad things and have a life of sin youlle go to hell i dont know if those plases exist ore not (sorry if my english is bad but i am uruguayan :P) there are a lot of people who like ore dont like MCR but dont clasificate the as emo because to know about something you must study it and what if it is emo!!?? the real signiicance of emo has been chanched during all these years and now people think that emo is a depresed person who wants to kill im/her self and thats not true its not about beeng emo ore not it depends on how you feel emosionaly y respect youre opinions but please respect ours the opinions of hundres of thousands of fans around the world who loves MCR another thing sayng that someone is Gay as an insult is something verry low beocause i mean whats wrong of been gay? gay people are normal people as you and i the only difrense is that they love in a more opend way insulting someone by beeng gay ore blackis something verry pathetick and stupid, i think that if we start to respect our likes and opinions we can all live in peace that is something that MCR would love :D i only have 15 years and i think that if we opend our minds to other posibilitis we can lear much more that beeng stupid dumm heads with negative thoughts. AT THE END WELL I WILL ONLY SAY THAT I LOVE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE AND IF YOU DONT WELL JUST RESPECT ME AND DONT MESS WITH THEM :)

Really? | Reviewer: Chelsea | 2/19/11

I'm getting tired of reading things saying MCR are emo. Like, really? They make damn good music and put everything they've got into it.
I've been a fan since 2003, and have always listened to their music to give me hope. And, no, I'm not a fucking emo.

Uneducated haters... | Reviewer: A | 12/4/10

Hah. The concept of 'emo' has been around since the 1980s which just makes all these douche's look like idiots who think it's a new type of music/culture with the arrival of bands like MCR, Panic!, Jimmy Eat World, etc. To all the haters, 'emo' has been around for decades and it does not mean suicidal lyrics or causing people to be suicidal or cut. Perhaps you should look at the history of what you're saying before posting shit, you know maybe actually read a book once in a while.

Its just music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/10

People its just music if you have your opinion on something then and you know other people wont like it then dont be a little bitch and put it on here it just start fights and so what if the song maybe be emo so what, dont even go their with the oh thats emo or oh thats gay people really grow the fuck up, I'm 16 and im more mature then you people just grow up, quite fighting over this song. Act your age and quite fighting. its time to grow up.

What I think of the lyrics. | Reviewer: BalthierWolfblade | 9/16/10

I had to research the first sentance because I didn't know what contrition was. It means remorse, more specifically the remorse needed to get into heaven.

The first four lines say that he has enough remorse to get into heaven and even help another get into heaven. They also say that if you are a sinner then you too can get into heaven if he wants you to (By giving away some contrition.)

The second four lines is just a religious way of saying:
"Yeah! Everybody scream it! Lets go to heaven, we can get in because I'm so remorseful."

I think I'm gonna burn in hell, everybody burn the house right down. = Whoops, my bad, I was wrong. I'm going to hell. Who wants to follow me? Just sin and you will follow me.

The chorus means something like this:
Follow me, do what I say. You can either love me and spread my teachings around or you can hate me and kick me... But please like me.

Sin, I sin... Is basically confirmation that all of these follows are sinners.

You play ring around the ambulance. This is a mock of Ring around of roses (Or however it goes (The plaque involved a rosy ring of spots.))By creating a ring around a ambulance, you will be a plaque or disturbence to the ambulance.
About the choir boys... It'll be a compliment if the choir, a religious group, accepts you, you will get into heaven.
Ashes to ashes, we all fall down.
If we live in the fire, we will perish in the fire. He is chanting this to his group and still thinks that he has enough remorse to get into heaven... So he is sinning to get rid of some... Wow. Smart idea.
The verse starting: "You better run like the devil"
Talks all about Being forever tormented and the only escape is the temporary escape of running. You will never get a safe haven and you must hide yourself from this fact.
As you witness death, no matter who's, you will see the face of your saviour... Who is bad.

The song ends with So get ready and leave for I am evil, you have no heaven left for you.

wooooot! | Reviewer: TBR | 4/20/10

ok yall are just taking this comment thing to litterally! i fucking love MCR and they are musical icons of our century. they have revolutionary lyrics and great meanings to their songs. they sound amazing and i couldn't ask for a more "annoy the hell out of my parents" lyric... so shut it! didn't your lame ass kindergarten teachers say "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all" haha i sound ridiculous but whatever, go MCR!

STOP | Reviewer: Tracey | 3/21/10

Everyone stop fighting ok just stop! Music is supposed to bring people together not drive them apart! Who cares if its emo or not? Its a great song so just leave it at that! And just because someone is emo does NOT mean they are suicidal! Stop all the fighting and enjoy the frickin song!

nyargh! you people piss me off!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/10

Dammit, what the hell?! Screw this stereotyping!! I'm emo??? Thanks, prep. Jock. All this crap, it's crazy!!! What ARE you people, in GRADE SCHOOL?!?! I mean, God! Really! This is the WORLD. Next up on this posting thing, people are going to be all "MCR's GAY."
What. The. Hell.
Saying something is 'gay' as an insult is SO low. Really. You couldn't think of anything mature to say, so you say THAT.
Wow. Just, wow.
And yes, I listen to MCR and play old school Nintendo.
But screw the stereotypes.

hey guess what? | Reviewer: fucking retards | 12/26/09

who the fuck cares what genre they are? who even fucking started the debate in the first place? no one does, that's who! it's fucking amazing music + that's all that should count. so stfu all you fucking haters who thinks it's 'emo' or 'suicidal....' it's fucking music!

annoying | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/09

Ok all this shit about whose emo and whose not is annoying. we're all people arent we? why is it such a big deal anyway its just a stupid ass stereotype. just listen to the damn music you either like it or you dont. just because something sounds emo/goth ish doesn't mean it is. and im tired of hearing ppl go on absout what makes a person emo or goth or whatever. its plain BULL SHIT!

The Real Lyrics | Reviewer: Sharla | 6/26/09

The Real Lyrics: i know a thing a thing about contrition because i got enough to spare.and ill be granting ur permission cause u havent got a prayer.well i said hey hey hallelujah ima come on sing the praise,so let the spirit come on through ya, we got innocence for days!well i think im gonna burn in hell,everybody burn the house right down,and say what i wanna say,tell me im an angel take this to my grave.tell me ima bad man,kick me like a stray.tell me im an angel take this to my grave!ya play ring around the ambulence,well like u never gave a care,so get the chiorboys around u,its a compliment i swear!and i said ashes 2 ashes we all fall down,i wanna hear u sing the praise and i said ashes 2 ashes we all fall down we got innocence for days.well i think im gonna burn in hell,everybody burn the house right down!u better run like the devil cause their never gonna leave u alone,u better hide in the alleys cause their never gonna find u a home,as the blood runs down the walls,u see me creepin up these halls.ive been a bad motherfucker tell ur sister im another go,go,go!and i said say what i wanna say,tell me im an angel take this 2 my grave,tell me im a bad man kick me like a stray tell me im an angel take this 2 my gave!tell me im a bad,bad,bad,man tell me im a bad,bad,bad man tell me im a bad,bad,bad man!S-I-N I S-I-N! sry about all the camas and the grammar!

mcr is not a emo band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/09

u know what just another person,MCR doesnt "represent" emos, they h8te them!get a life u suicidal ur life that bad?but i would stick by mcr even if they were emos which they r not!i will explain ur kind.EMOS:1,no friends.2,suicidal.3,weird.4,satan worshipers.last of all,FREAKS!normaly i would defend emos,but in this case i will stick by Gee. i m sry if i offended u but u hav 2 no the truth.Just think of what good ppl u could b.plz dont take what i said 2 heart<3

Fall out boy reminiscing... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/09

When I see the lyrics "take this to my grave" it always reminds me of Fall Out Boy's 2nd album Take This To Your Grave. Just brings the bond closer to me between my two favorite bands. Great song also! Perfect album. Speaking of albums, pick up Folie a Deux from Fall Out Boy now!! Or die a long, painful death... Think I'm kidding.. Take it from the guy who didn't.. *shudder*

Emos | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/09

Ok,MCR does not like emos!they made that VERY clear when Gee was interveiwed.he HATES emos!somegirl,they do not make emo music,what r u 5?u need to listen 2 their music again or get ur facts straight.geez ppl!whats wrong w/ u?all u emos out there get a life freaks!i m sick of hearing about how MCR is an emo band!

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