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Found a way to rid myself clean of pain
And the fever that's been haunting me
Has gone away

Looking through my window
I seem to recognize
All the people passing by
But I am alone
And far from home
And nobody knows me

Never heard me say goodbye
Never shall I speak to anyone again
All days are in darkness
And I'm biding my time
Once I am sure of my task I will rise again

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The GR masterpiece | Reviewer: HInges Lament | 6/15/13

This album is a concept, every song is a part of the story except isolation years. It is the story of a mans journey with the devil. After the events in Reverie/HF the character is lost, he isn't in servitude to the devil anymore but he doesn't know where to turn. no family no friends, and no path forward. this song is pretty much a gateway to The grand conjuration where he goes back to the devil.

NICE MUSIC | Reviewer: dave dee-- djd uptsate ny | 2/22/13

i think this song is special ,,, it always makes me think of all the family members that are not with use anymore,,, they are correct really we are all alone,,,, but thats why we stay by areselfs sometimes to get back to our middle zen ,,,, its good to do that ,,, at times,,, this song helps ,,,, sing as loud as you can ,,,it feels great,,,, peace ,,, enjoy this sweet music from --- OPETH ---- THEY ARE AMAZING,,,

the title still confuses me | Reviewer: Nameless | 7/23/12

To me, in the beginning the lyrics describe how he managed to find a way out of pain. Using 'rid myself of pain' could imply that the way he did it was painful itself.

The second verse confirms that he is still not 'happy' and feeling alone. The people he knew, his friends perhaps, walk by, and while he still remembers them, there is no communication between them.
'Far from home' is probably not to be taken literally, but as in how he has lost himself of his grip on life.

Now he is just waiting out his time, not being able to feel the pain anymore, but neither able to feel joy. He has let go of the past and tries to figure out what he should do for the future.

Beautiful, marvelous, majestic, ceremonial, ethereal... opeth | Reviewer: Jorvas25 | 6/28/12

I'd have to agree with the french dude, spot on.

This at first gives a taste of a suicidal theme, though at the end the person is still searching therefore struggling to avoid this final decision, is still wanting and trying to "rise again", it actually gives an empathic and hopeful message in my opinion.

There's always a way, a solution, but you MUST want it enough so u search for it, the only certain thing in life is death.

Misunderstood | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/11

I really don't think that this song is about suicidal man because of that sentance "once I'll be sure of my task I will rise again". I think this song speaks about the who kills his mother, and he can't see anyone because reminds him of her. And finally, when he will accept the bitter truth and will know how to explain his action, once he will know what is his "task", or the quest of explaining the murder to the world, he will rise again. He will show what he really has to offer.

Hours of Wealth review | Reviewer: Chris Grimes | 12/25/10

As a Opeth fan myself, this song is one of my top 5. I believe it is beautifully sung and created altogether. Many of their more Death Metal songs are quite amazing due to their synchronized sound. But this has a sort of elegance that defines the second part of Opeth, the lead singer/guitarist/songwriter, really created a piece of his own in this creation. I enjoyed all about the song, if your interested in more of Opeth look up songs like Requim, windowpane, Closure, Soldiers of Fortune (an amazing Metallica Cover). And my favorite Silhouette, an amazing song where some pianist, still unable to find out exactly who but i believe it tobe one of the set members of Opeth, play an amazing piece of the Piano so listen to those songs and youll fall in love with OPETH FOREVER.

Though im 17 i understand a lot in music trust me, their amazing.
Listening to more of em and you'll see have a good day anyone reading.
Avaible on thepiratebay.org ;)

I like, but | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/10

The beginning of the song leads into something that seems will be simple, but interesting, I like the keys in the back making that fading in synthed voices sound, but then it seems like they were like "I like this, I will keep messing with it for the next 2 and a half minutes." Kind of noodly. Then it just goes silent, to just a few chords played by the keys and he sings these introspective lyrics. The song seems segmented, and if they would have recorded it without the noodling before he starts singing, this song would be super awesome. In short, I like it, but it seems like they were living up to the idea that most of their songs need to exceed 6 minutes. This one doesn't, and it's a shame.

Runaway from pain | Reviewer: Weirdo76 | 8/16/10

(First I'm sorry for my bad english speaking, I'm french so I hope you will understand...)

To me, there is 3 parts in this song :
-1st The character of the song says that he was suffering,pain was haunting him and he found how to heal his pain

-2nd He explain how he made it, going far from home and far from everybody who can reminds him his pain...

-3rd He start to think about what he left behind and start to regret what he had before, another kind of pain replace the first, but he is not afraid, because he knows how to heal it...

This is my point of view but it's a perpetual way of life, always running away from pain and suffering, escaping again and again...

hail satan | Reviewer: Melanie | 3/11/10

i think this song is about a person who is far more brilliant and advanced than others. he feels pain to see that no one understands where he is coming from. his time is a dark time and he has the solution. now in my opinion alot of metal is associated with satanic and occult themes, that's just the way it is. but people are so ignorant they have no idea what that even means. satanism is an advanced belief system, the oldest on this planet. i believe this character is aware of the age of aquarian when satan will rise again and he is simply waiting till he is appointed to set forth the message his lord satan has given him

Wonderful! | Reviewer: BlckBird | 1/2/10

I didn't know about the concept album part. I will have to listen to the whole album again (which won't be hard) and read the lyrics. However, I agree about the song being about a man who is suffering from something, a "fever" I had always thought like running away from a girl or something. I also think that the "looking through my window" verse was more like he recognizes them kind of like how people look like their dogs. They look fimiliar to people he knew but he's still alone and far from home. He just associates the people he see's to the home he ran away from. The home that he left without saying anything to anyone and doesn't plan on going back just yet..... he just sits in the dark and thinks about his next move and how to keep the pain at bay... Maybe the pain is the thought of killing his mother? Either he already did it and is feeling guilt or he is still at the planning stage. IDK. But I absolutely love this song. It reminds me of something Edger Allen Poe would write and since the Killing the mother part came in, it definately reminds me of Tell Tale Heart.

Hours of wealth | Reviewer: Yanal | 11/22/09

In my opinion its simple and deeply about a phase of life, a phase of confusion in which a person is just letting feelings of their chest in order to be able to step forward. No suicidal concepts in these words " one I am sure of my task I shall rise again" and regarding the structure of the song its actually a typical jazz concept in which its divided into an intro, bridge, verse and the smoothest outro, except that its not common to find this structures consumed by these kind of minor scales and genre

Great song. | Reviewer: B.A.C | 8/18/09

I completely agree with Dye's interpretation. And the concept, as someone said, is about a man who kills his mother, but the part about him worshipping satan is completely unfounded. Why do people still insist on associating metal with satanism?

Surely it's about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/09

Surely the song is about someone on the verge of commiting suicide. It is a thoroughly beautiful song that transports the listener to the melancholoy place it's being sung from. Something in the way it's written, and there's not a lot to it despite not following any kind of traditional song structure, it draws you in and forces you pay attention. Awesome. It's up there Hope Leaves.

Underrated | Reviewer: Wesley | 6/26/09

I think that this is one of the most underrated songs on the album. True while songs like "Beneath the Mire" and "Ghost of Perdition" are great too, this song doesn't get as much recognition as it should. Very sad and melancholic.

As regarding to what the song is about, you have to first know that the entire album Ghost Reveries (except for the song "Isolation Years") is a concept album about someone who kills his mother and worships Satan.

Now this song is about the character isolating himself from the outside world.

this days | Reviewer: An | 5/5/09

this few last days have been pretty terrible in my life, I had to kind of, kick a person out of my life, and today I was listening to this song, And I felt it really matched with my actual situation, great lyrics, great music, and everything joined together, this is opeth people, and is one of the greatest bands in the world!!!
isn't it?

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