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Billy Joel Hour of the Wolf (The Hassles) Lyrics

Last updated: 09/29/2014 05:34:18 AM

(Conversation overlaps
while Billy Joel talks to himself)

If I counted from 1 to 10, 1 would still remain
as with 2 to 9, so they tell me I sleep
one third of my life away
am I getting through to you?
but sleep is not death, only rest
actually, more time is wasted awake
Regret it, regret it, regret it, regret it,
regret it, regret it,...

and something gray has passed beside you
in the ever fading light

has no more meaning all you know
is that there's terror in the night
what causes all your nerves to scream
it is a nightmare not a dream
it is the Hour of the Wolf

(Ahhhhh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah)

has loosed a hellhound free
to feed upon the prey of his desire

has come alive within a creature
with the eyes of burning fire
there is a tingling in your brain
you want to run but you remain
it is the Hour of the Wolf

(Ahhhhh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah)

Visions of your lifetime
pass before your eyes
Unicorns and Dragons
shake the earth and skies
you are left alone
to face the phantom in the wood
surrounded by the evil
and abandoned by the good

what is this madness
that invades the very being of your soul

beads of sweat run down your face
you feel your blood is turning cold
no, what you're seeing can't be true
still there is nothing you can do
when it's the Hour of the Wolf

(Ahhhhh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah)

4:29 (The sound of leaves rustling)

4:32 (Snarling)

5:01 (Now, now, now, now, now, now, now...heh!)

5:44 Hey!

5:49 Catch that one?

6:05 Yeah

8:07 (Crazy laughter)

9:21 (Howling)

9:30 (laughing overlaps)

9:35 Catch that one?

Catch that one?

9:53 (Strained breathing and gasping)

10:02 Ow

(Ahhhhh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah)

you are encircled by a pentagram
of orange leaping flames

are joining closer
and their chanting tongues
scream out a thousand names
a serpent coils around your head
there is no hope among the dead
it is the Hour of the Wolf

(Ahhhhh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah)
(Ahhhhh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah)

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